Infrared Camera: Tips and Tricks Before You Buy One

Infrared Camera

Infrared camera is primarily a nocturnal camera, IE must be installed only in locations where the low light requires a camera with infrared, not being suitable for all occasions.

Infrared Camera in a2zcamerablog is not a specific classification for a type of security camera, but a camera that has leds (light-emitting diodes infrared frequency) light up when your light sensor indicates lack of light required for capture of images. You can learn more about the models of security cameras in our article security camera models.

The infrared cameras can be classified by the distance achieved by its leds. So, when you see an ad saying that a security camera is 30 metres, that means 30 meters is the maximum range of the infrared leds. According to the distance it is recommended a type of lens. The infrared cameras from 10 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters and 30 meters normally have a 3, 6 mm lens. The infrared cameras with 40 meters, infrared camera 50 meters to 100 meters should have larger lenses, with a smaller aperture angle.

The camera with infra as popularly is called is the best-selling security camera on the market and that offers the widest range of models, but must always remember that she is a night camera, is a camera with infrared and as such must be installed only in locations that require this special feature, because otherwise there may be a “Flash” on the images.

A perfect example of misuse of an infrared camera is a camera with infra on the elevator. These locations typically, although dark, are light enough for people to travel and therefore the installation of an infrared camera in these places is not recommended. If it is installed, the ideal is to switch off the function of the leds and let the camera without this feature.

Another little-known detail is that infrared security camera must be installed always against any physical barrier, such as a wall or floor to work perfectly, but may not be installed facing the “nothing”.

Now that we explained how a camera infrared, let’s answer some frequently asked questions of people who want to buy an infrared camera.

How To Choose An Infrared Camera?

The way to choose an infrared camera is no different than choosing any other camera, just doing the caveat that this is a nightly camera for use in places where there is a lack of minimum light. We did a really good article on how to choose security cameras.

What’s The Best Infrared Camera On The Market?

I don’t want to indicate an infrared camera, as this is a personal choice, but I’m going to teach you how to choose the best camera for you in our articles which is the best security camera on the market and the article on what is the best HD technology market the camera, HD TVI or AHD HD CVI ?

Price Of An Infrared Camera

The price of a camera with infra varies according to the model chosen, the quality of the camera resolution and maximum distance of your infrared and your brand. For example: infrared camera intelbras of 50 meters is a very expensive camera, as well as be of 50 meters is an expensive brand intelbras brand, which does not present a good cost-benefit ratio. So the ideal to analyze the price of a security camera is watching camera quality and your origin and not exactly if the brand is known or not the general public. There are several good brands safe not known to the general public as Tecvoz, Luxvision, JFL Alarms, Alive etc.

Infrared Camera On Ebay

The Free Market has excellent salespeople, but if there is this doubt is because there are also bad intentioned people selling into the free market. When you are purchasing products for your safety we recommend that you buy from a company or an online store with CNPJ so you can at least exert the right of warranty if the infrared camera your present manufacturing defects. Infrared Camera on the free market is not a good idea so.

Infrared Wireless Camera

We do not recommend buying an infrared camera wireless wifi, because most of these cameras have terrible image quality and dubious provenance. Is not a camera for you trust your security, as well as all these problems she may suffer interference from the environment and doesn’t work the wireless feature responsible for sending the images to the internet. The term wireless is also not correct, since it is an ip camera that dispenses the wires just to connect with the internet, but requires power cable to be connected with energy.

Mini Camera With Infrared

The mini cameras have been replaced by the infrared dome cameras with better quality, so you should prefer the dome cameras instead of the mini camera with infrared.

This was our article about infrared security cameras where you learned how to work a camera infrared and how to buy a infrared camera among other relevant information.