Instagram Adds the Geostickers, Copy Snapchat Brash

Instagram continues adding new features to your social network photos, even though it is at the expense of copy boldly to the competition, especially to his great opponent Snapchat. In this way two services each they are seeming more, with what we assume that will reach a point where he is going to be virtually impossible to distinguish them from the other.

Now from Instagram take borrowed the idea of the Geostickers that are beginning to be tested in New York and Jakarta and 12 of these new stickers that comply with a very specific function are already incorporated. Sure in the coming weeks, this new feature will be spreading to other cities on the planet, as well as add new stickers.

Instagram and the Geostickers

As its name says, the Geostickers are a curious mixture of stickers and geolocation, and these stickers specifically are only free for a site specifically with what have to be more relevant and concrete. A form rather curious point where we are at all times so your contacts know it according to A2ZWALLSTICKERS.

To use this new feature in Instagram only we need to take hold of these stickers, when they come to our country, at the top of the list where are considerably more perceptible. At the moment this novelty is only free in 2 cities that we cited, and has come up with the version 10.11 instagram.