Instagram Disables Fake Profiles and Tips Followers Numbers

You and some of your contacts have noticed that the number of followers of various profiles on Instagram decreased significantly in the last hours. Relax, this is not any fault system or unsatisfied with their food photos: the social network is making a clean and totally disabling false and spammers profiles.

The cleaning had already been announced by Instagram last week, when the photo service Facebook has reached over 300 million active users and surpassed Twitter. Recently, Instagram also announced that it planned to release the audited accounts feature to signal when a profile is really true.

Overall, the drop was small: in our site, we noticed a decrease of 5 thousand to 4.6 thousand followers. In some sections, the number of followers dropped drastically if Wellington Campos, who was appointed last year as the “most popular Brazilian on Instagram.” Until yesterday, the Wellington account marked 5.5 million followers. After cleaning, the number dropped to 2.2 million.

The number of 300 million active users of Instagram, released last week, no longer counts the disabled profiles.