Instant Connection: New Google to Share Your Data Connection with Your Other Devices

Whenever we are going to share our data with other devices connection have to do it manually, by activating any of your different options offered by our Android device, something that Google wants to automate with the new functionality that has started to add on some Android devices through the new Google services Play 10.2 version.

Snapshot by means of portable device connection It is the name of the new feature that some users will find in the Google settings. We see then that it is.

Instant connection

The new Instant connection allows us to automate the tethering between all our devices they are associated with your Google account.

On the one hand this new functionality allows our device can share our data with the rest of our devices connection. And on the other hand, we can’t allow our device to locate our other devices to connect automatically to the data of another one of our devices connection.

To do this our devices will be located through the Bluetooth connection, therefore to enjoy this new development we have to have it activated. Once two devices are located, the device data It will automatically start to share the Internet connection with the device without data creating a private WiFi network. Everything will be done automatically, we won’t have to be looking for WiFi networks or typing passwords.

This new feature is perfect if you have a tablet without a data connection, already detected by our mobile automatically will connect by WiFi to your data connection. Already not must be entering the settings to activate tethering.