Interesting Fashion Trends That Can Be Combined with the Gothic

As I promised, I present the most interesting fashion trends for next autumn-winter. They are not included all the trends, but only those who think it can be interesting and can be combined with the Gothic aesthetic. It is worth to be vigilant if we thus take us unusual clothes at more affordable prices.

1 – the color purple: in addition to the classic black, which is a basic of every winter (and in our case throughout the year), this season will be accompanied by Purple in all its shades.

2 – flyers: are an interesting detail in the garments by their romantic reminiscences. They are included in all types of garments: from the delicate ruffles in the necks of shirts to gowns.

3 – neck Brocade: decorated necks acquire protagonism in dresses, shirts and sweaters. They are an interesting way to customize a look by incorporating a different, striking detail and who brings an air of another era.

4 – Velvet: is one of the tissues star of the season that will be present in all kinds of clothing and outer clothes such as coats, jackets not only but also in dresses.

5 – period style: Victorian fashion is incorporated as another big trend by lace, long dresses, cortes Empire, brocades and feathers.

6 – stripes: are integrated in all its forms, both vertical and horizontal, and in different shades to the purest style Beetlejuice.

7 – skin pants: either fur or feather, becomes one of basic garments combined with shirts or sweaters. Allows you to vary our looks a trend incorporating more rock and equally attractive.

8 – wrap Matrix: for lovers of the more industrial style, are fashion the long coats of bright fabrics in black color.

9 – hair coat: think they are risky, but if you choose a functional and simple model, it can bring much elegance to the looks.

10 – jacket: this garment from the Napoleonic wars joins our wardrobe with a wide variety of styles, buttoning and buckles for all colors.

11 – corset: this article gets fashion in order to show off and can be an interesting opportunity to acquire cheap corsets and wearable that can be used for daily.

12 – layers: although I think that it is one of these very beautiful but complicated to combine items, can be an opportunity to find interesting models and dare with her, particularly for lovers of a style inspired by the vampire aesthetic.

13 – lips Bordeaux: in terms of makeup, the most interesting trend is that this year are the lips very dark with a wide range of Burgundy tones.

14 – chokers: complement more we’ll see this year will be the chokers in all sizes.From the wider until the finest decorated with small stones.