Interesting Findings In C & A And Mango

Yesterday I turned a by a few stores to see how the summer panorama is presented, and it is not very encouraging.

For my clothes daily gleaning in the stores of conventional, since you can find good clothes and more of one surprise.But this season it has become fashionable style cowboy, rancher or whatever you want to it is called, so there are not many things that suit my tastes. However, I found some interesting things.

In C&A I found this pretty top in purple. It snaps in front, it is cinched at the waist and slightly puffed on the chest and sleeves. It has a small lace detail in the neckline and a few seams under this that try to imitate a corset rods. Its design gives it a very flattering neckline, although I would have liked to be a little more bare back, but the truth is that it is a very nice piece. It cost me €15.

In the store I saw a really nice shirt but unfortunately there was my size. It was a black short-sleeve shirt and in the front had two rows of type corset ties like the shirt showing on Lucky women who can see it and find your size:

I suppose that under the influence of the new country style, it is now relatively easy to find summer long skirts. I bought one last year, but this season I’ve seen them in several stores. In C & A specifically saw them for €19. It is best to buy them in cotton, since it is more fresh and not much wrinkled unlike other fabrics such as linen. Here is a photo of mine, which cost me € 20 at Stradivarius. The truth is that it is a garment that I use a lot and more chilly than might appear. And above all it is important to be sure to have backing, to not go to teaching the shame in the light of the summer sun and a good elastic waistband (which was not the case of this and I had to then).

Finally in Mango saw some interesting things, many tops of lace and chiffon color cream, very nice to combine with black, but as always in this shop, quite expensive (about €20 per garment). But it is good to know that if you give me the whim, there are. I bought this last year or the previous one, I like to combine it with a black top from tirantas below. It is tight and very flattering.