Interview Sarar, a Collection Spring/Summer 2012 Newly Coming from Turkey Charged Energy

You know that there are two things that excite us from Jezebel man: one is to teach you and show you new signatures and fashion collections, as it is the case right now concerns us, and one that you will enjoy them and bring him forth out of these new discoveries. Well, is for this reason that today we bring you from Turkey to Sarar interview and their lookbook for the Spring/summer 2012.

Pastel colors, cuts, elegant, classic and rather informal When the occasion calls for it. Proposals for halftime, out party, and some to another for more formal occasions and events that require a tighter dress-code. Varied, affordable and above all different from the rest ready for travel to Cappadocia more fashionista?

The proposals in costumes are quite varied. The Raya diplomatic It is not enough to complete the costumes but that we make use of the picture of Wales, works in patchwork and geometric prints. All of them are seasoned with pastel tones and complements preppys the bow ties and neckties.

Blazers and jackets on seabed blue with light touches navy in the form of game pants with jackets in black stripes on white backgrounds.

The cotton pique Polos on the other hand prefer to employ innovative designs and play with electrical and eye-catching colors at the same time acquired prominence the collars and sleeves of the same. Tight cuts that emphasize the silhouette.

Without a doubt, the colour palette It is one of their strongest points. Spring is a time of contrasts and colors injections so not afraid to employ blue, yellow, green limes or oranges butane shaped pants and accessories for costumes.

Of course, if we want more sober options in black and Navy Blue, you will also find them.

Add-ins are a key part of the set to break the sobriety of the design and introduce notes of color and geometric prints in the outfit. From its ties of vivid and striking colours to the bow ties of geometric prints.

If we are looking for more informal and summer options, sorry to say that such is not our lookbook and our firm. All their proposals Sin as being too formal. Some designs plain shirts, Bermuda’s straight cuts and design charge that they combined with shirt and polo, according to taste.

In short, a collection to take into account, with more than interesting proposals and some other groundbreaking set. The idea of combining the electric colors and pastel tones with such classics as the Welsh box or the pinstriped tailoring elements they are simply great.