Interview to Javier MuñOz, New Director of the Restaurant

Luxurious Hello! I took yesterday I went to see the exhibition “Hunters of trends” – located on the 4th floor of the brand-new new Town Hall the capital of Spain)The Cibeles Palace)-, up to the terrace that they have opened up, above all, on the 6th floor.

After a sad and rainy weekend, Tuesday was a super temperature. The terrace, with a views incredible to the plaza de la Cibeles, to Gran Via and Paseo de la Castellana, was flooded from Sun. A place privileged I invite you to discover because, really, it is worth.

As it was still early (should be 13,00 o’clock), there were only two couples who enjoyed the views and the Madrid autumn temperature while taking a snack. A young boy, dressed in the classic immaculate white jacket commonly used the large chefs, He came up to where I was, to greet me kindly.

It was of Javier Muñoz, Director of the restaurant belonging to the Adolfo group, just open their doors on the top floor of the The Cibeles Palace. After presenting me, invited me to a glass of wine and told me his story.

Javier is the son of Adolfo and Julita, Belvis de la Jara. For the connaisseurs, Adolfo-Toledo – as it is known in the jargon – is one of the largest restoration in Spain, that is not surprising that they submitted to the contest public that he summoned the Council of Madrid, and they won it.

The Cibeles Palace is a building emblematic and charged of history but, for that reason, facilities very complex that you require additional efforts in every way. The award is for five years. That’s the term that have been marked the Munoz for a plan of expansion passing by position well your brand.

How much responsibility! Doesn’t it give a little vertigo?

People can appreciate what they give is very intelligent The good thing about this profession is that it makes you part of the lives of others. We share moments. Not all customers receive the things of the same form. I always say that if a hundred, twenty already is a success. The responsibility and the self-esteem, properly, are good because they make you advance from the excellence. If, for any reason, takes a little longer to serve a customer, I try to compensate you with a smile”.

Do you ever worked abroad?

During five years, from 1992 to 1997, Adolfo group ran two restaurants in Japan, one in Tokyo and the other in Yokohama. It’s a different culture where respect is essential. The restaurants were located in areas where they worked more than eight thousand people. Each day, served a minimum of four hundred daily meals. It was an experience, a School of life fundamental to understand my situation and circumstances.

Why were you?

Because Adolfo Muñoz is valiente, and believes in Spain, and that this might become a world power in relation with the Tourism. And, so much so, that it has decided to bet on this new project rather than mount a bar of tapas in Hong Kong, that was the alternative that we were shuffling.

The cafeteria, the terrace and the restaurant decor is spectacular!

The project is the study Lab-Matic, a group of designers graphics, architects, industrial, landscapers e Interior designers restless spirit, with whom I have had the privilege to work, side by side, with a special emphasis on design of image brand that we wanted to create.

I would like to tell us about your education and career?

We are three brothers. My parents always encouraged us to participate in the family business, to relate to clients, to help in what could. After spending six months teaching Spanish in Ohio, in the United States, I was lucky that my parents univerisaty me in school Les Roches Marbella, a school of hospitality management has with the support and the experience in the best tradition Switzerland. In class should be about forty, among which eight, at least, were foreigners.
I was a very shy and studious person. By Les Roches step helped me to relate to others. In this school, as well as learn much theory, we must also make practices. I remember fondly the six months that I spent in London, in an apartment of 40 sqm, where we hacinábamos us four friends. Harder was the experience Austrian where was I washing dishes, and cleaning the kitchen. The first week I wanted already to me again. My mother convinced me that he put up a little. Learn to suffer do that then more values things.
The other day I read an article in Juan Manuel de Prada He said that, for the human being work It should be something like what fly It is for the birds. Sounds a both Calvinist, the truth is that you I completely agree with him.

Where you see in the future?

I have discovered that the wine is my real passion. We have a wine cellar with forty thousand bottles and more than two thousand references, and thanks to the vineyards of the Cigarral de Santa Maria in Toledo we are developing our own wine.

How so you are going to call?

“Payment of the Ama”. Ama: mother, of “boss”, love! Laughter

By the way, where is the wine that we are taking?

It’s a Ercavio in the area of Two neighborhoods. I propose a toast: “lie to save a friend steal the heart of a woman, and wish that moments like this occurring again!”.

I’m going on the Cibeles Palace with the feeling of having taken advantage of good day. “Complimenti a la mamma!”, that would say our Italian neighbors.