Interview With Michel Agullo, 3D Illustrator

Today we speak with a very special person. This is Michel Agullo, 3D illustrator who has made hundreds of children ‘s wall vinyl designs that we have on our website.

Michel has accompanied us for years, forming a multitude of vinyls of cars, airplanes, fruits, vegetables, people in their different trades, etc. And their drawings decorate the rooms of many boys and girls throughout Spain, as well as nurseries, educational centers, pediatric centers,  etc.

His passion is 3D and with this technique he is able to give shape to all the ideas that go around in his head to pass them later to vinyl format. In our website BUSINESSJUST you will find distributed in different sections of children’s vinyls stickers. Surely you identify them quickly after reading this interview!

Who is Michel Agullo? Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am Michel Agullo, I am 47 years old and I dedicate myself to 3D illustration from my youth. I was born in Perpignan, very close to Spain and currently live in a small town called Rigné, 300 km from Paris.

For years I have worked as a computer technician and as a computer teacher and since 2007 my job is to illustrate children’s books and create 3D designs for adhesive vinyls.

How is your day?

Every day I get up at 8 and have breakfast with my wife and two daughters. After this, the time comes to work! I turn on my computer and get to it until well into the afternoon. With my home office I can concentrate easily.

What inspires you to design?

My inspiration comes from a mixture between what I see in nature and in the world in general. People, animals, plants… and imagination!

And in the end, I add a touch of cartoon style “et voilà”, here is the result.

I do not want to forget to mention here Guillermo Mordillo, my favorite 2D artist and an important inspiration for me. I love harmonious rounded shapes and bright colors.

Why 3D?

3D is a passion for me. I started in 1988 with the first 3D creation program on the market: Pov-ray on Amiga. I chose to visualize the elements in a different way, with a cartoon style.

The 3D is very technical and rigorous, so I started to study non-stop. It is difficult to begin drawing on “the blank sheet”; I imagine what I want to do and then sketch it on paper. Drawing in 3D requires a lot of work because it involves numerous steps, each more technical:

It starts with a modeling process in which you create a shape with 3D tools. As a result you get a basic wired structure.

This wire structure is then completely displayed on a plane to create a flat mesh, in which a 2D texture can be applied to a 3D model.

After this you create and apply the textures you will use for each model. These textures are drawn in 2D programs like Photoshop.

It is time to put the different elements and characters in a scene.

Finally, a virtual camera is placed in the scene with specific settings: (depth of field, point of view, etc. and also the lighting is placed with all its parameters: intensity, color, shadows…

When you finish the scene, you have the possibility to move the camera and to visualize the scene from different points of view of your choice.

I like all the steps of the process because I am a very patient and meticulous person.

So you also draw “by hand”, right?

Yes of course. Drawing by hand helps me save a lot of time. Is essential. I have illustrated many children’s books in 3D in which I have also had to prepare a lot of “raw” material for different clients (Editions Hachette Multimédia, Editions LITO…) but there are no books with my drawings in 2D, hehe!

Drawing by hand is easy because objects, characters, animals are really simple shapes with few details. My job is for children and needs to be simple.

What do you feel when you know that so many children have your vinyl artwork in their rooms?

I love it, of course. I also think they have very good taste! (I.e.

What do you like to draw the most: people, vegetation, vehicles…? What do you find more complicated?

I really do not have any preference for it, maybe because I have been expanding and classifying my 3D designs for 25 years (animals, humans, vegestation, vehicles…) So I have my own library of 3D models that is growing every day.

And finally, tell us what you want…

Every day I draw new models, new ideas. My collection of vinyl stickers 3D has already about 600 references and continues to grow day by day.

In my daily life, I love spending time at home, cooking and being with my wife and daughters. I also love motorcycles, computers and of course nature.