Intimissimi: Scrapping And Recycling of Used Bras

Intimissimi is a brand much loved here at Fashion Pour Femme, now though we will have one more reason to appreciate this label thanks to the “Intimissimi goes green” in practice Intimissimi scrapping and recycle your used bras, do good and you will get good discounts to be spent in the well-known flagship brand of underwear. Intimissimi offers the “scrapping and recycling of old bras”, these will be used to finance a project for the construction of insulating panels and sound-absorbing, capable of reducing the ‘ noise pollution.

Intimissimi takes the side of nature but also to us women, we submerged the old bras, used, there are no longer or do not “hold” more, rather than opens throw Bring them Intimissimi and you’ll also have the discount coupons to spend on the next shopping.

From 18 October to 30 November in Intimissimi stores ( scattered around Italy (except Livigno) there will be special containers where to put your used bras that can be of any brand, any bra will be evaluated 3 euro against a purchase a new bra.

The company that will recycle used bras is Ovat Campagnari SRL, a leader in the collection and recovery of materials in order to offer products to market increasingly innovative and environmentally friendly.