Investor Sues Apple: Struggle For The Billion Reserves

By Apple’s full treasure Truhe arouses covetousness: of militant U.S. hedge fund manager and Apple – major shareholder David Einhorn wants the Californian technology group with a lawsuit, as well as massive public pressure to move, to cede a larger share of its wealth to the shareholders. Apple had at the turn of the year well $137 billion on the high edge lie.

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Shareholders to participate in the success
unicorn began his advance on 7 february 2013 with appearances on U.S. Television stations, as well as a letter to the other shareholders. It of your money, he wrote. At the same time, he filed his suit with the district court in manhattan. With the legal move, he wants to prevent that apple’s made more difficult by an amendment to the constitution, to spend income preferred shares. Thus, management crop unnecessarily in its possibilities to distribute values, einhorn argued.

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Apple: We check the whole
Apple responded with a statement and stated that it will thoroughly examine the proposal from unicorn to issue preference shares. Only in march of last year the group had under its new CEO tim cook completed a change of course and announced plans to pay a dividend at all again after 17 years. In addition, apple launched a share buy-back. 45 billion dollars to shareholders within three years to go through the two actions; nearly ten billion of which are already flowed.

After the attack: Stock sets to
The shares rose after the attack of the hedge fund manager by around three percent. Many brokers seem to hope that einhorn will prevail. His away hedge fund greenlight capital is a big apple shareholders with 1.3 million shares, which are well worth $600 million to date (448 million euros). Unicorn is considered to be one of the most vocal and best-known investors on wall street. (with material of the dpa) .