Iphone 5: Problems with the Battery?

Will the new iPhone in the sempter or only in October?
And again, the world looks banned to San Francisco. This time to the developer conference I/O , on which Google presents some of its new technical highlights. But the company Appleremains with always new rumors and messages in the focus. Shortly before, on the WWDC 2102 were presented the new MacBooks, OS Mountain Lion and iOS 6 (we reported about it). No word has been lost to the new iPhone , but everyone wants to know when it will be available. A clever marketing strategy to make the customers really curious, or even create serious problems in production?
According to a Chinese news portal , Apple’s subcontractor should have encountered difficulties. Supposedly the production of the batteries would not meet the high quality standards of the company. Just 30 percent of the manufactured batteries meet the high standards and are therefore in any case questionable to be installed in the new iPhone. If this rumor were true, it would be quite possible that the release of the iPhone 5 is delayed.Similarly, recently, the big competitor Samsung at the launch of the Galaxy S3 in Pebble Blue.However, the promoter promises to eliminate all problems within a short time, which is probably not a possible late publication. According to rumors, Apple plans the release of the iPhone for September 2012, a month earlier than the 4S , which was presented to the public in October 2011.

So we can be curious when and with which technical innovations Apple this time. It is certain that the Group is clearly under pressure. The competition of Android manufacturers, such as Samsung and HTC , is getting bigger and bigger and has long been at a similar level as the iPhone.