iPhone 6 – When is It Coming Out?

Rumors about the iPhone 6

When is the iPhone 6 coming out? iPhone 5 and 5c are fresh on the market just once a month, and already there are rumors about the iPhone 6 successor again allegedly to 2014 come on the market the iPhone 6 in the first half of the year.

The iPhone 5s sold worldwide like hotcakes. The Golden version of the Apple Smartphone is so popular that Apple barely comply with the production. In the “Cheap” – iPhone 5C sees it somewhat differently. Supposedly Apple has lowered the production of colorful smartphones just by half and can be created by only 150,000 instead of 300,000 per day of. Possible this is related to the iPhone 6 also with rumors, that supposedly until summer 2014 to come out.

In the network are a lot about the iPhone 6 is rumored: properly aroused attention of analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies & co. and David Hsieh by “DisplaySearch” with their speculation that Apple finally is equal at the iPhone 6 in terms of screen size with its competitors and enlarge the display of the iPhone 6. Hsieh, who knows Apple’s supplier chain, expects the new iPhone 6 from 4.7 or even a 5.7-inch display size. Also it could come at the iPhone 6 to improvements in the material: the “DIGITIMES‘ reported some time ago, that the display of the iPhone 6 in the future could consist of durable Sapphire Crystal. So far, this highly resistant glass is used for the camera coverage of the iPhone 5 and the finger off powerfully sensor of the iPhone 5 S.


The Smartwatch von Apple is about the iWatch, similar to much speculation as when the iPhone 6. At the beginning, she was seen as an accessory for smartphones, now believed but rather, that the iWatch is a kind of multimedia remote control function for the budget (see blog entry “New to the iWatch”).

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