Is Allowed to Use Small Mirror in Motorcycles?

YES, NO, OR MAYBE. It depends!

For reasons of aesthetics, countless motorcyclists remove the mirrors and install on their motorcycles small mirrors. The problem arises when these mirrors do not reach the goal of providing rear visibility. Although the CTB (Brazilian Traffic Code) and the CONTRAN not specify minimum dimensions for the use of this equipment, the inspection agents can book motorcyclists using some models of these installed equipment in their vehicles.

Mirrors mirrors are considered mandatory equipment for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds according to Resolution 14/98 of the CONTRAN (Conselho Nacional de Traffic). The devices must be installed on both sides of the vehicle in such a way as to enable the visibility of what’s happening behind your driver.

The criteria adopted by inspection agents refer to rear vision of what occurs behind the biker and not about the installation of original factory equipment according to SHOPPINGPICKS.NET.

An agent controller will stand behind the biker, which should be in the same position that usually drive, and held several gestures that shall be identified by the driver. If the driver doesn’t know describe which gestures, agent will be liable to get fined by the mandatory equipment, inefficiency on the basis of article 230 item IX of the CTB. In addition to the fines, the document of the vehicle may be retained for future survey on the basis of Article 274 paragraph III of the CTB.

In short, if a police officer or agent of transit smell something about your mirror small and you don’t pass the test, get ready, because it will take pen =)

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