It Is Now Here! Collection Cruise Alvarno for Azzaro

Recently we received the news of the signing of Álvaro Castejón and Arnaud Maillard (Alvarno) by the firm Azzaro and we already have here their! first collection!. The French maison will not repent of having these two young teachers of the Couture (as Almudena Pérez Mínguez would say and I’m still saying Haute Haute) as we can see in this first advancement of his work.

The collection Cruise 2014 It’s very Azzaro and very Alvarno. We have seen dress lengths of silk that remind us of those who made famous to the prestigious firm and it looks like that are precisely the Alvarno return to Azzaro in the spotlight of the world of fashion.

A fresh collection (and not because it is cruise, albeit an easy joke) if not because shaking the powder to the firm and modernizes it to base of femininity, Flower crystals, forms that subtly rounded silhouettes. Soft tissues with a stunning fall that conform to the female figure and give it charm. Petals of leather in the Perfect jackets, flares of glass in vertiginous necklines and cocktail dresses for a cosmopolitan, elegant and sophisticated woman. ‘According to Arnaud ‘ luxury nomads.

Totally in love with the dress of black body draped cocktail and huge petals of leather and each and every one of the overflowing long dresses of Cherry Blossom. This advancement of what Alvaro and Arnaud are planning do in Azzaro promises more than what we have seen in many collections of Couture divos consecrated and is that when you have talent and school… the divismos abound.

Once again, congratulations Azzaro!