I’Ve Used Windows Phone for 14 Days, This Is What I Have Missed Fewer of Android

Windows Phone, throughout the history of smartphones, has always been there, not with a majority presence, but has always been a rival to which you can’t miss sight. With the time, the rise of Android, the growth of iOS and the decisions of the own Microsoft has left this mobile operating system in an unhealthy state.

While they are trying to get it afloat, Windows 10 Mobile is not having success, but that does not make it a bad operating system. As Android user I am almost 7 years, I felt adventurous and decided to throw me into the adventure and try a mobile Windows Phone as my terminal every day for 14 days.

After these two weeks have decided to make this post telling about what I’m missing that had on Android. The mobile chosen for this task is the HP Elite X 3 and as further detail, I’m pointed to the program Windows Insider, so with this in mind, let’s look at what I’m missing.

Variety of applications

More than one would be surprised if I do not mention this, and is the best-known Windows Phone default is real. If someone likes to use, for example, Google applications (Gmail, YouTube, Google Keep…), you will find that none of them can be downloaded at Microsoft store, even YouTube.

Instead You’ll have to settle for alternative applications, and if you’re too used to Google’s services, the same not satisfied at all. Luckily, the own Microsoft has very acceptable alternatives for some applications (Outlook, One Note…) that it will largely meet your requirements.

I am one of those users that like to devote a few minutes daily games (about half an hour), and is one of the games that I always run Angry Birds 2, but to do this I have to go to my Android, because Windows this game does not exist (of the few that Rovio has not passed to the operating system).

But that does not mean that it is absent from current games, there have, for example, the Asphalt Xtreme, which was launched almost at the same time as in Android. Microsoft needs to encourage somehow the developers to give the step bring their applications to Windows, because some of the most useful are completely absent and with not very good alternatives.

Speed in loading some applications and system sections

Android has been improving little by little to go to offer a better experience for use even in ways which we can often go unnoticed. I had not realized account so far of those small improvements that It should also adopt Windows your way to attract public.

Something that surprised me very much was that, today still in Windows you can see is “loading” icon “resuming” or similar. It is very rare to see it in applications, as in Whatsapp, where for one or two seconds, you can see the icon of “resuming” move. But there is where it is most surprising to see this “load time”.

If, for example, we go to the Microsoft store and go to the part of installed apps and give it to check for updates, it’s not uncommon to have that wait half a minute, at a minimum, so that applications appear to update, if any. Something similar if you are looking for system updates in the settings section.

Apart from the cases I have mentioned do not I found none more (although there may be), even in third-party apps loading is very fast, you only have to see the splash screen (showing the logo of the app). The next step would be that Microsoft will work on this, need to provide a user experience as perfect as possible.

Aesthetics in some applications

I am aware, like almost everyone else, that each operating system has an own aesthetics, It doesn’t matter if we are talking about computers or mobile, and each one will have their tastes to each of them. In my case I have nothing against that uses Windows Phone’s, but Some applications gives the feeling of being somewhat out of date, say it somehow.

If you ever used an older version of Windows Phone, you’ve known the typical titles that appear at the top in a size considerably greater. This can be seen, to mention a known, Whatsapp application, where still appear those titles with a much larger font.

But many applications have a much more current aesthetic, that will be familiar to those who use Android, with his side menu, but with a different design to the operating system from Google. It is high time for a facelift to your applications for Windows Phone for developers of some of the most popular apps.

Obviously, not everything is bad

Although the post is above, basically, what I miss in this Android operating system, does not mean that my experience is being bad. In fact, in good part of the day just noto difference as for the use on Android.

It has positive points as the simplicity of the menus which I see also very intuitive, you do not have to lose among thousands of options. In some cases access is improved, but for the most part it is really good. The agility with which moves despite these loading screens in some apps that I have mentioned is also very positive.

Apps from Microsoft, moreover, are very well implemented, as is the case with Google apps on Android, and access mode with one hand leaving the central button pressed is very simple (and useful) with a 6-inch-screen terminal. Redmond still have work ahead, but the experience is very acceptable. If you have any questions about the topic, feel free to leave them in the comments.