Jabra SP200 Test

The Jabra SP200 for 50 euro is definitely a puristischste hands-free system. So only two controls on the Matt Black housing can be found: A wheel to the volume up and volume down points and a button to answer and end calls. We have tested it for you!

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We have the Jabra SP200 speakerphone for you in the test:

Just anticipate it: much more than phone calls can you with the oval-shaped device also does not. Comfort features such as transferring the phone book or setting options , completely missing.

The feature diet but brings an advantage, especially opportunity telephones are likely to appreciate: the handling is extremely straightforward. Because except the pair – the pair my of phone with the handsfree via Bluetooth – there’s practically nothing left to do. Simply plug into the sun visor, ready. After all, can make, unless they have been stored on the mobile calls using voice commands.

As in the station Hall

And how is reflected the Jabra when calling? In a word: Ambivalent. In the fixed network, she conceded consistently top marks: no noise, no annoying GSM stapling, an excellent volume and a good speech intelligibility. In short, There was nothing objectionable.

Unfortunately this performance in the car did not continue, in particular in terms of sound. So the tester with the SP200 was always under the impression, the interlocutor is located in a station concourse: constantly, it echoed in the background. In addition, that the callers voices a little metallic sound from the speaker.

Fully convincing, however, could the volume: with the SP200 – can if it is allowed – game on the gas pedal occur, because even at higher speeds you can converse without problems.

Jabra SP200

Manufacturer Jabra
Price €50.00
Rating 357.0 points
Test procedure 1.0





Technical data and test results

Electronics box (W x H x D in cm) 0,0 x 0,0 x 0,0
Mobile holder passive / charging /
Microphone / speaker integrated /.
own telephone book (number of entries) 0
Transfer phonebook from phone
Color display
to display SMS read / write /
own volume control
Lighting display / remote control /
automatic call acceptance
Radio mute
Voicemail (voice recorder)
Dictate number / name store (number) / 0
Select voice dial / name from phonebook /
Read SMS Virgo.
Read the telephone book entries
Helper / keyword detection /
Profile rSAP / handsfree / headset / /
SIM card reader / antenna /
Data interface Bluetooth
Universal micro input / audio output /
Relay / ISO connectors /
Optional: VDA connection