Jason Mackenzie Says That HTC Has Chosen a Road Very Different from The Samsung

HTC announced new products for this month of March, and meeting deadlines Taiwanese just presented the new service HTC Uh-Oh Protection, an extension of the guarantee by which the manufacturer assumes the change of the device – only available for the HTC One M9 and M8 One – if there is damage caused by bumps, drops or water during the first year in the United States.

However, the presentation of the program HTC Uh-Oh has given more, because have not left indifferent to anyone the words of Jason Mackenzie, the Vice President of HTC America, which apparently was eager to roll heads.

Anyway, Mackenzie has been very careful to not put names, though reading between the lines it can be inferred that their claims are going direct to waterline of Samsung and its change of direction with the Galaxy S6.

In the presentation, since HTC America, have made sure of make it clear that his way is very different from “a direct competitor”, Affirming also that HTC does not pose to renounce the memory expansion slot.

If this was little, also wanted to emphasize the fact of Taiwanese are the only ones who have maintained in increasing the capacity of the battery its terminal star, alluding to the reduction of battery that Samsung has carried out for giving priority to the design of the Galaxy S6.

Says Jason Mackenzie that autonomy is the main virtue of your HTC One M9, and that users can enjoy multimedia content for longer, although this type of use requires one consumption higher for smartphones.

HTC and the eternal promises

There is no doubt of the ability of HTC to manufacture good devices. A server still remembers with nostalgia of the Nexus One, for my the best smartphone of the new era in terms of innovation, design and finishes.

However, you can not always live of incomes of the past, and although the Taiwanese have been pioneers in the smartphone market in general and in the Android platform in particular, it is true that long ago, it seems that they have lost the way in a precipitous way.

Curious when less is that they now use to attack any of its major handicaps in the past, and the microSD card slot that was absent for example the HTC One M7, and then the company recovered for the given cause criticism.

Samsung has been, precisely who taught them the valuable lesson that sometimes, it is necessary to take a step back to continue two forward, because the South Korean giant has dared to break with its signs of identity to launch the smartphone market required. The success or failure as it will bring the time, and surely with it will come the fixes and improvements.

HTC has been lost in recent years in vain and promises unfulfilled, with eternal responsibility to be who were, knowing full well where they were unable to be corrected but weak points If same.

We give the reason Peter Chou, HTC problem is not quality of its products, but the Taiwanese will have to dare to give a definitive turn to its strategy, and finally adapt to a market that has changed much but which, with nostalgia, still awaits.