Jean Paul Gaultier Fall-Winter in the Paris Fashion Week

Jean Paul Gaultier the staff of Hermes gave to Christophe Lemaire since 2010 by what has been able to engage in full his eponymous firm, which has its best version in Haute Couture. There is where 58-year-old French designer decides to play with your imagination and propose another style of fashion that we don’t expect. A set of sensations. While in the Paris fashion week presented its collection autumn/winter 2011 / 2012.

Jean Paul Gaultier dispenses with his ideas of elegant superheroines or its aviators with class to return to bet on a woman that he loves the ladylike style. In the end the woman foot dresses itself with their finery and presumed on the catwalk by pulling the bag and taking off the jacket in an attempt to strip. For this reason he ended up full of clothes parade ground.

In their usual winks, Gaultier told on the catwalk with French comedy actress Valérie Lemercier.

Return to the classics by Jean Paul Gaultier

Instead of betting on a young, attractive and sexy woman many firms are opting for the stereotype of a woman with a certain age, with a knowing being, a classic taste that then designers shape under your preferences.

Gaultier preferences is a very attractive woman who is not afraid to opt for a mottled grayish black coat.

NI does not include the leather in their costumes in the form of skirt next to a trench reduced to blouse.

It is a woman who keeps the attraction of the ‘Belle de Jour’ by Buñuel with included hairstyle. An attraction that hides a hidden side that defends the clothes.

They enter the Earth colors to continue playing between layers and blends of fabrics, detailing highlights Gaultier.

And since we are mixing concepts it touches to recapture the vision of the Aviator shaped padded coat that adds skin.

Gaultier monkeys

Highlights in the collection fall-winter 2011 / 2012 Jean Paul Gaultier you chose to both mono in its different tendencies. The idea dominatrix can be seen in Black.

While the mix of classic and provocative features the Golden details embroidered.

And the hippie trend It shows us more free woman.

Monkeys that are filled with colorful.

Recovering the tartan, the printed vintage and the pinstriped

I would like to see a new explosion of the Tartan well understood among the new collections. Nothing to do with the deterioration to the shirts of lumberjack H & M but to the taste of Alexander McQueen. Gaultier is seconds.

Its looks more British style in marbled and tweed dress which are added blouses vintage magnificent.

And for the more sober sets a Raya diplomatic to dress a woman with male airs.

There will be occasion to incorporate a yellow fluorine as an alternative.

Or memories of Africa ethnic prints.

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