Jeans, T-Shirt, and Blazer: Let’s Party

Uuuund as eats… all slept? Finally is now an hour earlier, than yesterday at this time…. So an hour gift quasi… 😉 On the gift, I could safely do without. Also, if it is now a few days in the morning again bright, when I have to get up.

It is not so tingling at 6 o’clock but I’m not so tingling… But my colleague is right-now the schoolchildren do not have to shake the dark in the dark and that makes me a bit conciliatory. But only a little. But is it about school children? Neeee-it’s about party today and there we finally could celebrate from yesterday to today also an hour longer and it fits excellently to the magic Modedreieck.

Jeans, T-Shirt And Blazer – Let’s Party

Aaand how are you? Everybody had a good night’s rest? After all it’s one hour Earlier it now than what at this time yesterday… so you’ve given an hour away, so to speak… I could have done without did present though. Even if it’s brightens for a few days when I get to get up The dark and I find that some conciliatory. But just a little bit. So are we talking about school kids? No-we’re talking about parties today and if you were partying you had an extra hour to party from yesterday to today and it is very suitable for our theme the magical fashion triangle.

Let’s Party

That goes to the third and last round and the theme is party. Stephanie aka the fashion flutter has called some bloggers to accompany their really great posts with outfitposts and it is great what has come together on the last two Sundays. A lot of different stylings, on different women and it really made me really happy to be part of this stylingchallenge and the most pleased, I have on today’s outfit. On a party night you are dressed with the three basic parts always suitably and can, if one would like and have fun with accessories belong to the Kacke…

Let’s Party

That is to say, today is the third and final part and the theme is party. Stephanie aka the fashion whispered a couple of bloggers to accompany her.There were lots of different styles on different types of women and I really had a lot of fun. If there is a party you are always dressed with these three basic parts and then you can really paint the town.

A Bit Extravagant

But apart from my “self-memory-chain “♦ ;-), I have fully put on my little extravagant blazer ♦ and because the wild dancing is also happy to fly into the corner, another eyecatcher must remain… and this wearing My  new Leobooties♦will be  given to me. The flies do not fly until tomorrow in the corner…. Otherwise I find skinny jeans and a stinknormales T-shirt for dancing just perfect. My magic party triangle is finished. So now I grabbed my blogging ladies and on the way to the party… I’m curious what great outfits me expect:

A Little Bit Extravagant

As well as wearing “myself memory chain” I decided on my somewhat extravagant blazer and Because it could happen thatthis would get thrown into the corner after some wild dancing, I needed to have another eye-catcher…… and this starring role which given To my new leo booties. If you are looking for the best in the world, you can always find the right clothes for you. My magical party triangle is ready. So, I’m looking forward to meeting you. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Enjoy your Sunday love All… an hour longer than usual…. hehe…

Have a great Sunday everybody… at least it’s an hour longer that usual…… heehee