Jelly bean at a glance: who gets when Android 4.1?

Jelly bean is not just jelly bean

With Android 4.2 Google now a new version of Android presented as Android 4.1 called jelly bean. With the exception of nexus devices but no manufacturer has announced the latest version of Android for its devices. Currently, it limited the distribution of Android 4.0 or 4.1.1.

Android 4.2 jelly bean: old name, new features

Update (28.12.2012): HTC one S gets jelly bean

After the HTC one X HTC Android delivers 4.1 now available for the one S. It offers but only owners are allowed, whose device not by one of the German mobile operator comes clearly to the so-called Customer identity 102. devices with SIM-lock and provider software installed (branding) will have to wait. Exceptions: Vodafone and 1 & 1 probably already distribute the update. It is currently unclear what plans HTC with newer models such as the sensation of XL, which do not belong to the one series. With the update, HTC sense in the version 4 + distributed the own user interface.


Android update for Samsung devices

For the former flagship Galaxy S2, Samsung Android distributed 4.1 still in December 2012. This applies however only devices that are not equipped with special customization of the mobile carrier (branding). Have your device by Telekom, you must wait until January 2013. As AndroidPit reported, the delivery of the Android update scheduled originally for December 2012 moves. The same applies to the Galaxy tab 2 10.1. rumored pending an update for Galaxy S advance in January 2013.


Other devices in planning?

Samsung may have updates in petto for more devices. According to the verge, owner of the Galaxy ACE 2, Galaxy ACE may Galaxy beam, Galaxy Galaxy plus, mini 2 and Galaxy S hope Duo on a new version of Android. Galaxy tab 2 and Galaxy tab 7.0 plus in the conversation are on the Tablet front.

Premium suite for Galaxy S3 and Galaxy note coming


While most manufacturers still Android 4.1.1 to its customers, Samsung starts note with the distribution of Android 4.1.2 for Galaxy S3 and Galaxy. With the new version, the manufacturer the devices bought a premium suite with several new features. Thanks to multi window, you can simultaneously display two Windows on the display. Samsung lists all changes in a two-part YouTube video. It is uncertain whether it manages the software update this year to Germany.

Jelly bean: Which devices get Android 4.1?

Manufacturer device update on Android 4.1? Acer Iconia tab A100/A200/A500 no Iconia tab A110 announced Iconia tab A210 Iconia tab A510 announced announced Iconia tab A700 September 2012 ARCHOS 101 XS December 2012 Asus Eee pad slider SL101 1st quarter 2013 transformer TF101 1st quarter 2013 transformers Prime TF201 October 2012 transformer pad TF300T August 2012 transformer pad infinity TF700T November 2012 Google Galaxy July 2012 nexus nexus 4 factory nexus 7 factory nexus 10 factory HTC one S December 2012 One V no one X December 2012 one X + factory one XL December 2012 desire C no Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL 4 quarter 2012 December 2012 Optimus LTE LG Optimus G 2 November 2012 Optimus vu 1 quarter 2012 Optimus vu 2 Q1 2012 Motorola Atrix no Razr Razr announced i Q1 2013 RAZR HD November 2012 RAZR Maxx Xoom 2 announced no Samsung Galaxy ACE 2 announced Galaxy ACE plus announced announced Galaxy beam Galaxy S duos announced Galaxy mini 2 announced Galaxy Music Galaxy announced note announced Galaxy touch 10.1 announced Galaxy S no Galaxy S advance Galaxy S2 LTE 4 announced Galaxy S2 December 2012 quarter 2012 Galaxy S3 October 2012 Galaxy tab 7.0 plus Q1 2013 Galaxy tab 2 7.0/10.1 Q1 2013 Sony Xperia arc S no Xperia go 1st quarter 2013 Xperia ion 2. quarter 2013 Xperia J 1 quarter 2013 Xperia P 2. quarter 2013 Xperia S 2nd quarter 2013 Xperia T Q1 2013 Xperia TX 1 quarter of 2013 Xperia V Q1 2013 color code: Green: update available; Yellow: Planned update; Red: No update.
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Android 4.1 for Sony smartphones

While the manufacturer when it comes to Android updates a long time back, Deutsche Telekom presents ever. As the provider announces the Xperia models get go, J and T Android 4.1 in the first quarter of 2013. Sony announced for February 2012 to roll out the update for the Xperia models TX and V; at some point, even the Xperia models S, arco S, ion and P get an update. Sony rejected older models: is for them ice cream sandwich final.


Ice cream sandwich: these models get the Android update

Jelly bean: An overview of important functions

10 features voice recognition, Google now & co. Motorola is concrete

Although Motorola is part of Google, the company’s update policy fails not better than other manufacturers. The company, to distribute the update to Android 4.1 for the Razr HD in Europe starts since end of November 2012. Customers in Germany benefit from the new version of Android should come up to the end of the year. With the Razr i the second Smartphone in the first quarter of 2013 gets Motorola the long-awaited update. As a contribution to the corporate Forum, get an update to Android 4.1 also the Razr and Razr Maxx. When and where is the update, does not reveal Motorola. It takes even longer…


Android 5.0: Name of the jelly bean heir known


HTC: Small memory update =

In a FAQ document HTC announced that that only smartphones with more than 512 megabytes (MB of) memory get an update on jelly bean. Devices with 512 or less MB RAM were not powerful enough to sense 4 + to present the new features of the surface; principle V or desire C would run Android 4.1 on devices such as the one. When the jelly-bean-update can expect the technically appropriate smartphones, HTC still not revealed.



On October 14, 2012, LG Korea released Android 4.1 update plans. According to the (now back away) information, only two smartphones get the latest Android version this year. In November the Optimus LTE 2 began, in December, the Optimus follows G. Until 2013 comes Android 4.1 for Optimus vu, and Vu 2. Apart from the Optimus G, there’s the equipment but not yet in Germany. Whether other LG Smartphones such as the Optimus update 4 X get HD, the group is not announced. Since the slow updates on Android 4.0, LG has a bad reputation in this regard. If something changes a model as the nexus 4 (Mako) because, it will be apparent.


Adobe: Flash for Android’s story


Good and bad news from Acer

After Acer already late September surprisingly has dealt out Android 4.1 for the Iconia tab A700, the company extremely now compared to JR Raphael to his update plans. Therefore, the smaller versions A210 and A110 benefit from project butter & co. in addition to the Iconia tab A510. There is bad news for owners of older tablets of manufacturer: Iconia tab A500, A200, A100 must be satisfied with Android 4.0.


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ASUS delivers jelly bean churning

While the competition still is busy to announce updates for their devices, ASUS already delivers them. After the transformer pad (TF300) jelly bean in August, the transformer is now Prime (TF201) in the series. A Facebook message of the manufacturer according to owner of the transformer forward pad infinity (TF700) shortly about the new operating system. Also the older tablets of the Taiwanese manufacturer not go out: as ASUS updates for the models of transformer (TF101) and slider (SL101), without however naming a specific date confirmed.

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