Jersey Bath Woman 2012: Tips To Erase His Faults On The Beach

How well to choose his Jersey bath woman 2012 ? How to erase these small defects which spoil us life?Summer is coming, and you already start to dread the terrible ordeal of the swimsuit? And if for once this difficult time turned into sweet pleasure?Throughout this article, we will give you many tips to erase your faults and be the best in a swimsuit this summer. We have selected several swimwear on the site of the 3 Suisses (link: / sculpting) so that each of you can find the swimsuit of her dreams for this summer. In addition, some models are reductions up to 50%.

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Since May 24 and until September 3, 2012, the site of the 3 Suisses (link: / sculpting) offers more than 400 models of swimwear including those in discounts, up to 50%. A few days ago, we gave you advice to choose your swimsuit according to your figure: of twig, shaped, pear or triangle you will find many tips by following this link: How to choose his swimsuit was 2012 based on her figure? Today we will explain how to choose your shirt according to your physical characteristics.
What Jersey bath woman 2012 for a small chest?
If you have small chest, there are two solutions. You fully assume your small chest, either you don’t assume it. In both cases, the swimwear we will advice you are not exactly the same.
If you do not assume your small chest, the ideal is to highlight you providing a swimsuit push-up effect, which will inflate and refocus your chest. You can also wear a top with upholstered pads.Many Bras have upholstered pads, and more and more swimsuits have this feature. To highlight your small breasts, you can use and abuse of triangle shape.
If you assume your chest, why not try the bandeau swimsuit top? It is the play of the season. Color, no fear of abuse: this season, the color-block effect is to fashion, take advantage by buying a shirt with vitamin and sparkling colours.
This swimsuit two parts push-ups is ideal for the small breasts and highlights the female form. This swimsuit has a touch of whimsy with the gem that is found between the two breasts and on the front of the panties. It is available from size 36 to 44 at the price of € 34.95.
What swimsuit for women who have hips, chest and curves?
Believe it or not, but your generous curves are a real asset. But beware, it is essential for you to find the perfect swimsuit, one that will put your luscious figure forward. The ideal is to choose a swimsuit one-piece has a nice cleavage. This swimsuit one-piece disguise your curves while putting your chest .
Another option, the tankini : style tank top, it will hide your curves and put your chest if he’s enough cleavage. And if the swimsuit one-piece you tired because of its too classic side and too wise, you can wear a swimsuit two parts with corseting, high-waisted pants.
Finally, the third Jersey is ideal for the women with a generous chest. Your chest is your best asset, you need to highlight it. The ideal is to focus on the swimsuit offering pretty necklines as well as to full coverage swimwear to guarantees you a good hold.
These three swimsuits are perfect for generous silhouettes. The first has the advantage of beinghigh waist and offer a flat stomach effect. This Jersey, black cast is ideal to hide a few curves. It is available from 40 to 50 to the price of € 16.72 instead €20,90 or 20% .
The second Jersey is to effect sculpting. Its nice look streaked guarantees slimming effect you and will definitely hide your small curves located at the level of the belly. Silhouette refined, bust highlighted are guaranteed them this swimsuit one-piece. It is available from 36 to 46 and costs € 39.95.
The third Jersey that we present to you has a very sensual drape. Black in color, this swimsuit to full coverage guarantees an effect slimming ideal. It is available from 36 to 44 at the price of € 34.95 .
What model for sports?
For you, the summer is more synonymous with beach, wave and Board of sunbathing. You adore surfing, but you can hardly find a swimsuit to not be victim of irritations due to the friction between your skin and your Board. Ideal for you is to wear a tankini, which will reduce friction and protect your skin from irritation.
The Jersey that we offer is a tankini that perfectly combines trend and effect sculpting. It camouflages the curves all by valuing your shapes, including décolletage that it showcases easily. It will be your best ally on your outings at sea sports. Available from size 36 to 48, it costs € 39.95 .
Now, you’re ready to choose the model that suits you best without fool you. Maybe you have the chance to have a perfect body, with zero defect? If this is the case, go ahead and wear the model you prefer without worrying of the shape and colours. Whatever it is, do not hesitate to visit the site of the 3 Suisses (link: / sculpting), it offers to many models, more than 400 and some are stored up to-50%.