Join Sport Chic

A sweatshirt with a skirt, a blazer with sports suits or at-shirt with a pair of needle shoes who said they can not? YES YOU CAN! And more if we follow what the great fashion houses dictate. Join sport chic now!

Some Examples Of Sport Chic

During all these days Paris surrenders to haute couture. Channel, Versace or Valentino will once again fill the European capital of fashion with new and exclusive proposals for this upcoming season.If something has this week of Parisian fashion is that the spectacular, and sometimes extravagant, designs serve as inspiration for fashion chains low cost.

Few are the parades that pass long and less if it is one of the most anticipated passes, that of Channel by Karl Lagerfeld that this year has got us to look at the feet of the models. The German couturier offers comfort when it comes to wearing a good dress and dresses feet with slippers. From the street to the catwalk!

This tendency to mix the sport with the most chic we see daily in the store windows that fit the proposals of the gurus, yes! Finding them at prices apt for all mortals.

They wear sweatshirts with skirts, sports blazers or lounge shoes with a custom t-shirt. Anything is worth it! You must know how to combine it so you do not look like you are going to carnival. A good example of this is found in well-known bloggers.

Sport Chic With Sunglasses

A good cherry for our look sport chic are complements and of course! the glasses are a must and this year marks the trend in urban sunglasses.

What sport is imposed and how everything returns Adidas has rescued Adidas Stan Simth from his closet do you remember them? The mythical white “wobbles” of tennis players slip into the most casual looks of many fashionistas. For your perfect combination sunglasseswill leaves a few sunglasses that complement your sport-chic look swimmingly.

As you will see everything returns and comfort is imposed this season, do you stick to this trend?