Julian Assange Bail is Paid and It Can be Released Today

Just over six days the founder of WikiLeaks surrendered to London police to try to clarify the non-consensual sex charges that the Swedish court received. At the time the London court responsible for the case did not set a value for the bail Assange, which prevented its release. But today the court received the request for appeal of the editor’s lawyers decided to set bail and release it under some conditions.
The bond, which has already been paid with the help of a fund set up for this purpose, was established at 240,000 British pounds and it will only be released if you leave your passport to the court, obey a curfew and agree to use a anklet with GPS tracker. Now only one thing can prevent Assange out of jail: Swedish lawyers. They ask for the extradition of Assange back to the country where the charges occurred and according to English law, they have until 16h today (GMT) to try to reverse the decision and keep you stuck.


Even with its founder behind bars, WikiLeaks has continued to work. Since the arrest, which took place last week, site members continue publishing more and more documents every day, including weekends.