Kate Moss Protagonist First a Character Live Auction

The prestigious House of Christie’s auctions, at its London headquarters, yesterday raised nearly two million euros in an unusual auction dedicated to the English supermodel, Kate Moss, in the collection of Gert Elfering. Although my colleague Charlie kill me, I have to say that to my Kate, or fu fa, and seeing some of the photographs that were auctioned at absurd prices, as that Mario Sorrenti It made him naked on a roof and that topped at 41,000 euros, I reiterate my idea.

It seems to me that the picture that the great Mario Testino took it him, wearing a jacket with the omnipresent Union Jack and the raised skirt, which was home of the British edition of Vogue and which is topped by a whopping 38.675 euros, is worth more as a symbol (and work of Testino) that the model because it is Kate Moss.

It is clear that the controversial model has been source of inspiration for many artists of the nineties, as Anne Leibovitz who photographed the model in white and black, curd of jewels, also for Vogue and that topped at 11.900 EUR or Chris Levine, whose image “She’s Light” topped 137.800 Euro.

They were the works of Allen Jones which took the Palm of prices: the sculpture “A model model” sold for 159.204 euros and 144.934 euros Kate reached the painting in Red, where the model view a red evening dress and high heels.

It is clear that something about Kate Moss.