Keyboards: 5 Amazing Projects for DIY Inspiration

Most people rarely stop and think about their computer keyboards. Unless, of course, it’s one of those horrible Chinese keyboards that do not work, or a tight, netbook where barely fit her fingers. If the peripheral works fine, it tends to go unnoticed.

Some #fazedores however disagree about this indifference. In fact, for them there is no keyboard on the market at the height of their projects. Therefore, they choose to do your own designs!

It’s not a question of practicality or economy. A custom keyboard made all by hand, costs more and takes a lot more work, since it involves cumbersome wiring, precise measurements, a lot of skill and dedication. But these are the important factors when we talk about #fazedores. The satisfaction of using something you designed and executed is what motivates these crazy projects that we present today:

Warning: high quality DIY ahead:

Bianca: discreet and professional

The impeccable finish and description make this project look up an industrialized product of high quality. Don’t be fooled! All parts, since the structure of the keyboard until the wiring were custom-made by a miracle called Cubiq. He shares a lot of cool photos of the process in this gallery, which is worth checking out!

Stratos: a bizarre layout divided into two

We honestly we couldn’t imagine how the creator kylehampton can use these things. Works great, but with a layout that gives you a headache just imagine. In addition to using a key positioning totally non-standard, the keys are smooth, without marking of letters and it splits the keyboard in two, isolating the user’s hands. Despite all the odds, seems to work well for him. On the construction of the project page it says you type respectable 52 words per minute with the appliance.

Now you’re thinking with Portals

The redditor OrangeNinja chose to make a keyboard with separate numeric pad. As if that was not enough, included an array of programmable LEDs in each one of the pieces. Of all the possible colors (256, to be precise), chose the classic blue and orange game Portal (which, by the way, it’s amazing!). The complete process you check this link.

Cuthboard and invisible body

The Cuthboard dispensing paint and body to a base made of two pieces of clear acrylic, with no finish on the side. The “guts” of the keyboard are half exposed and views from above, the buttons seem to be loose on the table. Very pretty!! His construction can be seen here.

Poker rainbow 2: all the colors of the Rainbow

Closing our gallery the user will Teethbox on the wrong side of the tracks of the most stylish and discreet models. Modifying a keyboard Poker II com led and custom keys, he did a real float. Shouldn’t be too comfortable, but we put it in our gallery to remember why people invest so much time and effort creating by hand, an attachment so cheap and easy to buy as a keyboard: at the end of the day, for a miracle, what counts is that your project is unique. Does not depend on the will of the manufacturer, or availability on the market. Personally, I wouldn’t want to have a rainbow keyboard at my desk. But we support 100% the Teethbox who wanted one, and now you have!

And you, dear reader? Have you ever thought about making your own computer keyboard? Have a project there in hand? How about you show us, in the comments and in the Forum of the Doers?