Kim Dotcom Publishes Videos Showing Megabox

Kim Dotcom, founder of the now deceased Megaupload, is already making teasing his next service for some time. Called Megabox, the service will be “bigger, better, free and protected from attacks,” according to what Dotcom said last month. Today he released two videos showing a little more than Megabox should be.

The video gives an idea of Megabox interface, which seems to have a system search, chat, communities and even a kind of ranking by social networks, whatever it is that. Without further ado, here’s what it promises in the video below.

(Video on YouTube)

The second is a short 40 – second teaser that gives the impression that the Megabox will be the next logical evolution of music.

(Video on YouTube)

The two seem to be a bold and daring affront to American music studios. But the same studios were responsible for putting Kim Dotcom in jail, then Megabox would be an answer to the height. The differential Megabox against the Megaupload would be the greater legitimacy of the service but do not know how legitimate it is, and I bet that studios would be very reluctant to sign contracts according to Dotcom.

Again, it is a case of wait and see.