Koreans are Bending Their Lashes with Fire

New technique makes it possible to keep curved yarns all day long

Koreans are quite creative when it comes to beauty. The main launches of innovative products for skin, lip augmentation, curling of hair, among others, are from South Korea. Here is now a new”fashion” that combines”fire” and aesthetics.

Some Korean women are using flames and tiny wooden sticks to help curl their lashes for a whole day. Explaining how difficult it is to make eyelashes curvy, with curvature effect, the technique known as”fire lashes technique”, comes down to putting fire on a small wooden stick, letting it go on for a few minutes and then, With it erased, put it on the lashes, to curl them.

“In addition to an imminent danger of burns, especially since it is a region close to the eyes, which can even cause blindness, the toothpick generates a heat without temperature control, which can cause the wires to fall,” explains  Luzia Cosa., Founder and manager of the Sóbrancelhas Franchise.

The professional still mentions that there are treatments for this type of result.”The technique known as permanent eyelashes in beautyPically does exactly the same thing, but with the duration of 30 days, without health risks. I always tell my clients that when we talk about treatments in the face region, we must be very careful, because the cheap can be expensive,”warns the specialist.