L3D Cube: 3D LED Cube From The Future

The L3D cube caused kick starter currently on the Crowdfunding platform sensation. It’s a striking LED cubes, has a smart control unit. The application range is more diverse nature.

So, serves not only as domestic decoration of L3D, but keep you entertained on the go in the club or in the Park.A microphone, which captures sounds from the environment and continues to lead to the interpretation is also integrated.

L3D 3D cube with a simple visualization

No programming skills are required to accommodate the L3D cube operation. The manufacturers according to the operation is very simple. There is however their own programs for the cube in the Arduino programming language to write the possibility with some know-how and thus to extend the functionality. The 3D LED cube can be connected also with hardware such as Kinect, structure LEAP motion or Maxwell Maxwell. As a power source, the power of a 5V meets 1A USB cable, which energy from a computer or similar transfers. On the way to operate the L3D, simply connect of a power pack. The developers in the following video clip to tell you what has to offer all of the L3D 3D cube. The standard L3D cube (18.4 x 18.4 x 23 cm) has 8 x 8 x 8 (512) RGB LEDs and will cost US $399 once. Also an even larger cube with 4096 RGB LEDs is planned in the course of developments.