Learn about Watch Brands

What brand should I choose? Many buyers, particularly those who have not yet found their favorite watch brand are faced with this question. This article gives an overview of brands in general and the different images of some watch brands.

This is the main article on the various image types of some watch brands. The in-depth article can be found here:

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  • Sports watch making brands: strength, endurance, & petrol in the blood
  • Military watches: Cheap and expensive watches for rugged use
  • Glitz and glamor: The film watches James Bond & co.
  • Pilot’s watches brand with history: Hero of the skies

First I would like in General on brand – finally my marketing studies for anything must be good

What is a brand?

A brand first distinguishes a product or service from others. These words or names in combination with images are typically used (so-called word image brand).

An example of a Word / picture mark is Breitling the watch brand with the combination of lettering and petioles anchor – “B”:

A brand has also legal aspects: A brand that enjoys protection by registration in a register of the Patent Office, may of course not simply be copied. This and other properties that make up a brand from a legal perspective, can be found in the German Trademark Act (section 4). Of course there’s brand protection measures (E.g. by the World Trade Organization) also at international level.

By now it should be clear why for example the sale of replica watches is punishable…

But of course much more than just a product definition or a legal term is a brand:

A brand is a firmly established in the client’s head and distinctive image of a product.

As a knowledge-based component, E.g. the knowledge about the origin belongs to this image a clock (“Swiss made”, glassworks or similar).

But much more importantly is that it combines certain feelings with brands. These feelings are transported naturally targeted by advertising in the minds of consumers. Like that better, but also even worse collapse (bugging you the garbling Trivago type anyway?). Ultimately, it comes down but also how he in his feelings by targeted brand management of enterprises influence each one, can be.

A little test:

“I love it”: _

“Sheer driving pleasure”: _

“Live longer with _ Illuminators”

“When it comes to money _”

Well, could you assign all brands? I bet Yes – who can completely escape already the continuous sound of advertising? Ultimately the branding from an enterprise perspective is a learning process so you Yes also not only once comes into contact with a slogan or the like. A brand and its image is usually very long term built and hammered into the heads of customers.

But what is the benefit of trade marks?

For companies , a (strong) brand E.g. benefits like loyalty has to secure a higher price differentiation from the competition or of course the possibility.

Could Breitling demand up as €2000 for a watch, if the company would produce completely conversatate? Or put another way: luxury watch manufacturer could demand quality, what they put in the watch production, so disproportionately much more money for the last ounce? Not all customers do with this (can or want to), is clear: that explains the success of Micro-Brands, i.e. small independent brands, partially based on the design of the big manufacturers (known as tributes). These brands offer amazing time for money, but rather more are known to “Insiders”. Such micro-brands can not penetrate typically therefore in the luxury watch manufacturers price regions (although of course occasionally try with “Limited editions” or similar).

As examples of that damn sure wouldn’t close the Ocean (one and forty-four) series of the watch brand called rock hard, Ansei is the Rolex Submariner, but are of course much cheaper (from approximately €400 incl. Swiss automatic movement). In fairness, one must say that has rock hard independently designed models in the portfolio. Ultimately, the brand but a good base creates with tributes, which probably will find buyers in large part due to the successful brand of the template (for example, Rolex). The success proves the watch brand rock hard right: so the net income (income after taxes) is according to Federal Gazette in the year 2014 more than ordinary €921,000.

But also the consumers a brand can use: ultimately, it is especially so that enjoys personal risks with a specific brand choice.

A buyer can have such as confidence in the Breitling watch brand (quality, etc.) and know that he incorrectly can do little with the brand (from my own experience and due to other “expert opinions”). One needs theoretically don’t read up in quite a few reviews, but knows (or thinks to know), that the brand brings about Breitling, what you want.

Also the moral benefit (image) , a watch brand should not be underestimated, even though that would certainly admit not everyone. Keyword: Prestige. This factor is barely pronounced at the above micro-brands, while a Rolex buyers with this brand (consciously or unconsciously) signaled the (desired) membership of a social group. With a micro-brand, you can of course also aware communicate the exact opposite: “I think nothing of brands and just wear what I like”.

Also I leave marks in my purchasing decisions affect me of course, what is sometimes less aware once more, me.
Since I myself for example interested in motor sport, for example, the watch brand TAG Heuer appeals to me – who can resist here also…?

On the other hand, I have no problem but also give me a (rather unknown in the “outside world”) rock hard to buy, simply because they like me…

What kind of message transport watch brands? Watch brands and its image.

In connection with the building of a brand, a goal of company is the construction of an image, which goes hand in hand with positive feelings. In short: a brand carry what, so this the customer identified himself and at best will be a regular customer? Here is of course also in what customers with a brand associate.

A very strong association causing for example Omega in a watch brand: “James Bond 007” it usually comes as from the gun shot. Including all related properties such as masculinity, action, style, womanizer etc.

To build a specific watch brand image celebrities such as the current James are of course not chosen at random bond Daniel Craig for advertising or as brand ambassadors : these are of course then selected how much they are suitable to promote the (intended) image of a watch brand.

That the watch manufacturer of course not exactly little costs such promotional measures and these costs in each individual watch be taken, should be clear. Say: It must be aware of a buyer a watch brand that you paid of course, that E.g. the aviation enthusiasts John Travolta for Breitling posing:

Another costly example of the year 2016: partnership launched in with the English Premier League will cost the watch brand TAG Heuer estimated to be about 6Mio. euros. In return, the TAG Heuer logo as will appear in the Bundesliga playing on the screen. The referees run with the TAG Heuer connected Smartwatch about the place and the overtime is held up with not just with a simple sign, no, this has the shape of the top model TAG Heuer Carrera:

Image: TAG Heuer

If we take a look at the Micro-Brands again, the comparatively low price of this brand stems not only from the lower brand strength (enforcing higher prices is difficult for the company due to the comparatively weak brand). It should be also clear that micro-brands of course have much lower spending on advertising , which marks are rather known among “Insiders”.

Watch brands and its image

In this series of articles I am trying with many examples to classify watch brand in certain categories of image, so that the brand choice when purchasing something easier you. Her above and below is the in-depth article linked.

Many brands try to cut areas in their collections far from the brand core. Of course this is perfectly legitimate, to develop additional customer groups, E.g. with pilot’s watches, but with nothing can start racing watches.

A good example is certainly Breitling, which Bentley has also been cooperation with the luxury car drivers despite the strongly highlighted aviation images and results in a corresponding collection (“Breitling for Bentley”).

Quite absurd not is the detour of the Breitling watch brand in the field of motor sports, of course, associated to this very similar things such as when the aviation: speed, freedom, engine sound, etc.

However, is raising the brand clearly in the direction of aviation. The brand essence remains so short said get.

There but also brands, no very clear direction and try as much as possible with their brand positioning and its model policy to cover (too many) areas alike.

These brands are in danger to remain “colorless”, since there is no clear image, which could appeal to the customer. Some fashion watch brands in the low price segment is moving in this area. But also more expensive watch brands can fall into this trap: even though I of course don’t know the backgrounds of the insolvency of the Glashütte company C.H.. Wolf, so yet striking many areas in the collection be stripped without having a clear profile of the watch brand is recognizable. There are collections of racing, Nautic, pilot/Flymatic each and urban. With the name “Glass works” under the brand name, it is now time not just done…

Negative image of watch brands

The example of the watch brand shows that an image is of course not always positive, Rolex. Many colleagues or friends, with whom I’ve discussed about watch brands, turning up only the nose (keyword “Pro Lex”) at Rolex. This does not do justice Rolex of course absolutely the quality and the tradition of the brand.This shows that many – likely “accidental” – brand Ambassador as self-proclaimed Gangsterrapper quite negative can rub off on a trademark. Even though my personal experience are certainly not representative, some opinions in this direction can be found in the network.

At this point still a little anecdote to Rolex: the Siemens group has reached a new record of profit In 2005, wanted to eliminate over 1000 offices but in the same breath. After a photo opportunity of the then freshly baked CEO Klaus Kleinfeld was his Rolex airbrushed without further ADO. Official reason by Siemens: the clock is “visually emphasizes parent” and the photographer made a “technical mistake”. Facing the image, this may be not very far-fetched, but Siemens wanted to avoid but probably, to send false signals in the context of the planned job cuts…

AB chastised: free-rider watch brands

Regularly can be found in closed shopping portals like BuyVIP actions to fashion, furniture, watches, etc. I buy myself like on such platforms, since items of more expensive brands (E.g. Ritzenhoff) are bundled and with ordinary discounts offered. The actions are not found by search engines because you must register for the platforms. The companies that offer cheap overproduction in such actions have the advantage that they shoot not your own price structure.

Among other things also fine watch brands are offered under headings such as “Best Automatic Watches”.One is amazed not bad with a look at the prices:

EIA models close to the €2000 are remaindered there from legendary €200. The discounts are usually over 80%! Not slamming who there is own guilt – or?

The recipe for the sale of such watches is usually the same:

Just take…

  • Watches made from 100% Chinese production and questionable/cheaper quality,
  • flashy bling-bling design (E.g. look at the movement / semi-open dial etc.),
  • a fine-sounding brand name, the history, tradition and luxury before Gau applicable and
  • a crazy discount on the EIA, which price psychologically to move the unsuspecting bargain-hunters to to click on “Buy”.

Which are usually exclusively over the Internet of selling Chinaticker the cheapest processed movements also by any watchmakers fixable, because there is simply no replacement parts available. Other defects such as suddenly falling second hand are also on the agenda.

To say it short: let the finger of such watches, even if they seem like a bargain with views on price – you will be happy with these watches never.

You will have much more joy on the watch brands that I have put forward in this series of articles…

Conclusion to watch brands

Watch brands have a benefit – a course for the watch manufacturers, but also for the customers. Transported and controlled by advertising image plays a very large role in the watch brands. Many watch brands that cover more than one area, but have a clear core positioning, which regularly sharpen brand ambassadors, print advertising, events, etc..

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