Leather Jacket for Wedding

The winter brides over the dress have the task of choosing a jacket to protect from the cold without giving up style. The possibilities are many, but according to the latest trends imitation leather jackets are the solution to adopt.

The more traditional brides who have no intention of giving up the white dress, they can choose white jackets and white as snow. According to this article, the models fit even for the most romantic wedding dresses: short jackets and tight-fitting that enhance the figure and emphasize femininity.

Of course the leather jacket gives an edge to the dress, adding a touch aggressive to brides, but with a small dose of glitter and lights, even the leather jacket will be romantic and true Queens.

Those who want to be more daring, the classic black nail is all it takes. One of the undisputed trends is the contrast between white dress and black detail: with the black leather vest you will get a really trendy combination.

In both cases the advice is to choose jackets with simple lines, without too many belts or studs that are likely to draw attention away from the dress and unnecessarily encumber the look. To give maximum visibility to the wedding dress you choose also short jackets, they leave the free and no skirt they mortify the volume.

The faux black leather lends itself particularly to defuse one of trendy colors for brides: pink. A touch of black is all you need to make a more gritty and vivid pink dress!