LED Bathroom Lighting Ideas

The bathroom is surely the place of the House that is experienced most and that requires the right lighting, not only to make aesthetically pleasing environment, but above all to perform certain tasks, such as the beard and the make up newspapers, with the utmost precision.

LED Bathroom Lighting

Modern bathroom lighting

To meet these needs there is certainly the led lighting that instantly makes the bathroom a more modern, blanketing a decisive and intense light. LEDs have also the merit of limiting the costs to your Bill because, despite having an enormous power, are low energy lamps and low environmental impact, that is why they are getting widely spread around the world.

Bathroom lighting: ceiling

Bathroom lighting, following the latest trends in the field of furniture, light does not derive more from chandeliers or ceiling lights but by special spot LED lights that are installed in the ceiling. Prepares a support, generally made of plasterboard, which made holes on which are mounted the LED bulbs to light up perfectly all over the bathroom. You must have paid special attention to safety because, since such an environment, for the presence of water is usually damp, you select the types of lamps perfectly under, treated to avoid short circuits and tested according to the strict European standards.

It is important to choose products waterproof, for this you have to pay attention to the IP protection of the spotlight or strip that we will assemble to illuminate our own bathroom.

Bathroom lighting: mirror

The mirror placed above the bathroom sink is a place of worship for both man and woman, as both spend many moments of their time. Since before the mirror held various activities of precision, such as shaving or applying cosmetic treatments, it is important to qualify for the right amount of lighting that can be reached by applying the LED bulbs along the mirror. Some designers and architects interpret this angle as a quote vanity stations used by Hollywood actors in the years ‘ 50 and ‘ 60, where today the bulbs are replaced by devices or led strips which, as well as functional, are also spectacular.

Bathroom lighting: spotlights

Led spotlights are placed in the bathroom in many different forms. Since this is indeed very versatile devices, available in white, yellow or even light pattern, they manage to find placement in any environment. Along the ceiling take on a more modern characterization and Recessed spotlights can be fully at the level of the media or escape and be oriented in different directions. The spotlights along the mirror are a must but are replaced by led strips that have a huge Visual impact even in terms of décor.