LED Lights in the Bathroom

You also, snapped for Led lighting. The Led is invited everywhere today in our House. And even in the most unexpected places like the bathroom, or even downright in bathroom showers. The led in an Italian shower, what exceptional!

LED Lights in the Bathroom

To create a mood in a bathroom, nothing like the led light. Led light provides soft lighting and soothing light, without sacrificing on the functional side of lighting.

If there is one thing you hate the small morning, when it goes in our bathroom, it’s to be dazzled by a too intense lighting. With the LED, this problem no longer. The led in a bathroom, in the form of led strips, but not only, will fit perfectly to any other lighting in the room (mirror, light shelves or niches..), so as to create a coherent and uniform.

A Soft Light, RGB Led

But there is not only in the morning that you do not want to be dazzled by a neon light. The evening also, is a privileged moment where you do not want to be assaulted by a too bright light. According to foodanddrinkjournal, with the led in your bathroom, you can take your bath under a dim light, allowing you to relax alone or in the presence of your girlfriend.

The RGB Led offers an interesting play of light because it is rich and varied. With this type of led Ribbon, you can alternate lighting at your leisure. For example, in the evening you will need a slightly bluish light or, why not, violet to relax. These colors are colors that soothe

On the contrary, in the morning you can enjoy an orange or green light that will stimulate you and will wake you up gently. As you can see, having led in a bathroom lighting, it is pretty cool!

The Ribbon Certified Waterproof Led IP55

nstallation of fixture in a bathroom must still meet more demands than in other parts due to the proximity of water source. Also, you will need to follow certain rules to install your ribbons led, as the distances that separate the water points of lights.

One of the benefits of lighting type led precisely tape, is that it is waterproof (for Ribbon led IP 55 only). For installation in a bathroom, it really is ideal. Thus, you can dress up your walls, in your niches, as well as the ceiling of your bathroom without taking risks.

However, for a professional installation, it is strongly recommended to have recourse to a competent person in the field. Should not do anything under the pretext that the tape led is waterproof. The bathroom is a room where the humidity is very high and where everything that relates to electricity must be perfectly installed and controlled.

In a bathroom, a corridor or a living room the tape led and led to a more general lighting, is invited everywhere. The Led is the lighting of the future!