LED Street Lighting in Essen

In food, there were long time no use for the future LED street lighting. However, the city of Essen has now finally also the prospect of a conversion with LED lighting. Entirely modelled on Dusseldorf the LED lights on the Flehe dike.

By participating in the contest “innovation city” food would qualify for implementing some LED pilot projects and receive funding for the realization. In this project the streets of neighborhoods Frohnhausen, Altendorf, Western and Northern District with the are to be equipped initially new LED technology. So if you want valuable experiences relating to the LED technology collect so equip later also more districts to.

Long you had noticed in food gas lights are just too expensive, and has already completely replaced against other light these. Gas lamps consume more than LED lights up to 20 times the average. And also the new light bulbs consume multiples of the LED light. So the city would save money with the Exchange. Because in the last few years generally less money available to municipalities, the savings can be used in turn makes sense in other projects. Also here, even if the restraint in the city of Essen still is felt in the long term, a complete conversion to LEDs will be unable to prevent.

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