LED Street Lighting in Stuttgart with LED Our Site

In Stuttgart, part of city lights was already converted to modern LED technology. Because here it believes that it can save lighting significant costs by replacing the old light against the new LED, as in many other cities of in Germany also. In recent years, more than 760 million euros for the obsolete public lighting systems have been issued, researchers and experts have now calculated that using LED arrays up to 400 million of this sum can be saved. Money, which of course better flow into other projects.

Stuttgart started due to this conversion, first in the castle gardens and the hospital district. Because here was expected from a cost of one-third is. Some investment costs come to the city, this will balance itself but after a few years, since the LEDs last much longer, consume less power and require less waiting interval operation.

For street lighting also LED our site is next to street lighting. This modern flood lamps for external supply enough brightness to large area efficiently and low maintenance to lighting. Here for more information about this variant of lighting: LED flood lights according to zephyrledlights.

But technology is still at the very beginning with the conversion to LED Stuttgart. So far, only one percent has been equipped with the new technology. But in the long term, no town to the complete conversion will come around probably, the old technology for the lighting of roads has served simply and is far from up to date in relation to the environment.

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