“Ledino Santos”-LED Lamp by Philips

Stylish, flat, black and white, bright, dimmable and now very cheap: you now pay less than 99 instead of around 134 euros “LED Centre” for a Philips “Ledino Santos”-LED light, if you use a out site blog discount code – including shipping.

If you made especially bright want to enlighten a part of your kitchen, bath, living room or bedroom from the ceiling, you could do that, for example, with an 75 Watt E27/R80 reflector bulb. Power LED would be with only about 23 Watts in a very compact, built-in light. After all, 1050 lumen luminous flux with a “warm white” color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, the ‘ Ledino Santos “by Philips developed à 2.5 watts (Download pdf of the data sheet)from nine LED chips. So you get about the same luminous intensity at around 70% lower power consumption.

This not particularly efficient, but very robust and mature ‘Luxeon Rebel’-Halbleiter of Philips US subsidiary of”Lumileds” with colour rendering index CRI > 80 have long been the standard Assembly ‘ Ledino “series (picture on the right). So three of you make the 7.5-Watt spot modules each in numerous LED lights variants by Philips.

We have 13 in the House, partly over three years total in four ‘ Ledino “models – so far without failure. Why I mention the extra? Because the modules can be replaced not by the “ordinary” consumers and therefore particular emphasis must be placed on durability.

At least 20 years, it should light up

Experience has shown that decent integrated lights that have fewer problems than LED Retrofits in conventional lighting enclosures, because the electronics and Thermal management from the outset for the LED technology are designed. There are therefore extremely rare overheating and thus prematurely drying out capacitors – the LED chips themselves are very durable and heat-resistant.

The rated life speaks bright light during average use 20,000 light hours and 13,000 switching cycles until the waste of luminous flux to approx. 70% of the initial value (i.e. up to 735 lumens) for at least 20 years (approximately 3 hours a day). Unfortunately, Philips offers only the usual two years legal warranty or guarantee. Why is it not three or five years, as with other manufacturers?

“Ledino Santos” is only 3.6 cm “thick” nearly 1.4 kilograms mainly brushed aluminum, easily, square 23 cm length with rounded corners, can be mounted just fine as a discreet luminaire to the ceiling or walls and looks for me also switched off like a beautiful, minimalist design object.

Different beam angle information

The nine point light sources shine here partly officially with a half value angle of 120 degrees (see above linked data sheet); According to Other Philips information on the website, there are only 35°. Both figures are probably not correct.

My extremely contrast-enhanced light image on the right shows: the practical truth is probably somewhere in the middle. While there is a 40 to 60 degree beam with much brightness, but even beyond that, it is not completely dark. “Field angle” with at least 10% of the maximum luminous intensity should be actually at about 120 degrees angle. Larger rooms you need but probably two or three of these “Ledinos” for a really comprehensive illumination.

Not every dimmer suits the ‘Ledino”

According to my experience, commercial phase dimmers work (marking C or RC) pretty well with this Philips model series, so long the dimmer minimum load much higher than power consumption of luminaires – in this case is roughly 25 watt.

The control range is between about 100 and 20 percent – with an adjustable dimmer is still significantly darker. Unsuitable controller can cause mind whirring noises and light flickering in some settings. A list of the dimmer is tested by Philips is here as pdf-download.

Admitted: the scarce 134 Euro price in the shop are a pile of wood and Discounter-LEDbargain hunters effectively deter. Somewhere else, you pay even more for the ‘Ledino Santos”, and of the 199 EUR noncommittal price recommendation I want to just not big talk.

Because I think the concept of the integrated LED lights with all of its new opportunitiesfor promising prospects for the future and would like to convince as many blog readers, I negotiated a very attractive discount deal with the “LED Center” in the nearby Durmersheim once again – he launches just in time for today’s “Earth Day”.

And here’s how:

Simply select the desired number on the shop-site LEDLightsClassified for the Philips led lamp and insert that into the shopping cart. There, as a registered customer, you enter the coupon code…