LG G Flex – Bent Like A Banana

G Flex Follows Suit with the LG Curved Displays – LG

Last week, Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy round. Now, rival LG following suit and presents first pictures of the LG G Flex. The Smartphone is also curved and has a flexible display. It should come on the market supposedly in November.

Samsung has applied the technology of arched screen on a Smartphone first company – came out the Samsung Galaxy round, whose margins are slightly bent to the outside. At LG, the curvature of the Smartphone looks slightly different: the display of the LG G Flex is bent do not like when the Galaxy round from right to left, but orthogonal from top to bottom – it is a bit of a banana.

Come on the market is the LG G Flex probably very soon: Ezhoushan.net announced that “flexible and unbreakable” displays were already in production. According to rumors they G Flex should be installed in the LG and supposedly the curved Smartphone will come in November on the market. The curved OLED-display of the LG G Flex should have a size of 6 inches. LG already had for some time a curved battery powered and you assume that he is destined for the LG G Flex. The Korean offshoot of ZDNet has leaked in early August, that the hardware of the LG would follow G Flex LGs current flagship, the G2. One may assume so 800 quad core processor when the processor a Qualcomm Snapdragon. More details about the features of the LG were not known yet G Flex.

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