LG G Flex Phone With Self-Healing Technology

When LG announced its first smartphone with curved screen, we were all anxious to see how flexible it was., however, it seems like the LG G Flex can do a lot more than to bend.
LG G Flex.

LG G Flex with self-healing display

Apart from the flexible screen, the well-known Korean manufacturer LG has added one more interesting feature for this innovative device – the ability to heal itself. Impressive, doesn’t it? They have used a so-called “self-healing” technology, which apparently makes the device can heal scratches. This device can not only handle being bent, but when it gets scratched, makes it to knights disappear.

Therefore, the LG G Flex to withstand everyday damage better than any other smartphone with advanced specifications Here is a video to test LG G Flexs resistance against scratches and durability: