Light for Baby Room

LED tape is one of the options for lighting the room and helps to calm the child.

Light for Baby Room

Currently there are many types of light to illuminate the nursery. But it is necessary to have technical knowledge.

According to the architect Anderson Schmidt, one of the most used options to create light effects, draw attention and entertain the baby is the optical fiber.” Normally we use embedded in the ceiling, creating the effect of a starry sky, letting the dots lighting up intermittently to represent the stars”, teaches.

Another alternative are the RGB LED strips, which make the whole environment change color as taste and need. This technology can be employed to colour-therapy, which serves primarily to soothe the baby.

LED lamps, which have evolved a lot in three years, do not emit UVA and UVB radiation, which heats the atmosphere. In addition, have long shelf life and allow the dimerization (using different intensities of light).

The architect Gerson Fernandes Brancalião also suggests using LED light.” Even though they are more expensive in the purchase, they are cheaper in the long run. With the LED light a 60-watt bulb is enough for a 13 square meters, for example,”calculates.

“I suggest the use of a more yellowish or even light fixtures with bulbs clear and opaque green. It is worth mentioning that the bright green soothes and it contributes to the sleep of the baby, “he advises.

“For dormitories with right foot with over 2.30 m using moulding with a strong central light for the day is also interesting”, suggests Brancalião.

“It is important to remember that the ideal is to always work with indirect lighting so as not to overshadow the eyes of the baby, which almost always looking up,” Schmidt.

In the opinion of the architect, fluorescent lamps and dicroicas are not ideal for this case, for various technical reasons and because psychological affect infants, children growing up and even adults.

“The ideal lighting depends heavily on interior design, because we can create lighted crown moldings, with lighting effects, such as RGB LED strips, or even focused lighting. Everything will depend on the layout of the room and the type of decoration “, concluded Schmidt.

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