Lighting Effects in the Allianz Arena

Football fans have marked red it in the calendar, the 14th August 2015-first matchday of the Bundesliga season. Red lights then the Allianz Arena – and heralds not only the new game time, but starting immediately light games of a special kind.

The imposing Stadium of FC Bayern München was just in time for the 10th Anniversary of the Allianz Arena completely converted to LED outdoor lighting.

300,000 per app controllable LEDs were used to illuminate the perimeter of Munich-based landmark on a total 26,000 square meters with dynamic light animation – game operation for the first time on Friday, when the Bayern players in the opening match of the Bundesliga Hamburger SV (20:30) live in the ARD.

The innovative lighting technology for the world’s largest membrane coating comes from light-world leader of Philips since last year an official lighting partners of success-drenched football clubs.

“The LED system is the Allianz Arena directly on the body of tailored”, arena explained Philips light Chief Roger Karner yesterday evening in balmy summer temperatures at the Press Club of the Alliance. “Football is emotion pure – light is pure emotion,” says Kadam. “Here comes together so easily together what belongs together.”

The illuminated part of the façade consists of 1056 diamond-shaped membrane cushions. Each cushion in turn contains about 285 LEDs on seven or eight lights. That are individually addressed and intelligently linked-up. “We can thus expand not only the unique architecture of the stadium,” enthusiastically Andreas Jung, Member of the Board of the FCB, “but especially Super emotional moments for fans create – with 16 million colours.”

Only three colors were possible with the previous fluorescent lamps. After two years of planning, the complete system was rebuilt in just 100 days. “And no one has noticed it,” Andreas Rindt, commercial Director at Philips Lighting is pleased. “A crazy challenge – logistically and in particular for the industrial climber, so Austrian climber who had to replace tubes at wrong temperatures inside the membrane coating up to 25 metres above sea level.”

In the standard lighting, especially the FCB team color red, but also blue (e.g. for 1860 München), and white are important. You can now with the finest nuances, dynamically merge intensities and gradients, flowing down from above, run to the facade. “We can underscore, now the dynamics of the games but also through light effects in the stadium” would be young. Goal celebration is possible in red and white.

“Advance stored light scenarios are available by clicking on a tablet or Smartphone just”, explains Karner. “I am already on the first games, if the light-la OLA is used”, the light head enthusiastically.

Young smiles “Only one color will never exist”, at the press event. “And clearly, that is yellow!”Arch-rival is Borussia Dortmund meant.

Is red the Allianz Arena for home games of Munich and at away games, to support the team. “But we want to bring even more special lighting with the new colors for use”, says Jürgen Muth, Managing Director of the Allianz Arena. “We have already tested it for special events such as theSt. Patrick’s day or to the accession of Croatia.”

There will be like in the Interior but no light themes to exciting, Karner emphasized. That would not be in terms of the overall architecture of Basel star architects Herzog & de Meuron, who were also leading in the development of the concept of light. Also they are masters of their craft and have particular emphasis, that is emphasized with the possibilities of the new LED technology the façade geometry and is to recognize a clear language of light.

“The light is of course dynamic, but the stadium should not act like a blinking LED-screen,” Karner performs. Also the issue of security plays a major role, not about car drivers to be distracted.”Since the stadium right next to the motorway is located, we had always the traffic impact in the eye during the two-year planning”, as Muth.

Fit for a champions, arena with the new lighting system the Alliance now is the largest stadium in Europe and the first in Germany with a complete nationwide LED outdoor lighting for dynamic light animations.

Philips-brand-chef Thomas beauty talks about a partnership at eye level. “We are both world leader and internationally active”, so beautiful. “The FC Bayern has offices in New York and China – are also very important markets for our lighting solutions.”

Last but not least, sustainability is a great driver, as Bayern Board young assured. With networked LED systems energy saving more than 60 per cent – equivalent to about 362 tonnes of CO2 per year. The life of approximately 80,000 hours, so 40 years.

“Anders 45,000 games of FC Bayern are expressed that” laughs Markus Hörwick, spokesman of FC Bayern. “No extension.”

Since not only the football fans enjoy.

And it still remains a question. “What comes next? LED flood light? “, formulated a journalist colleague. Philips Lighting-chef Karner laughs and consists with wink before the FC Bavaria partners on it, to have referred the question to anyone in the mouth. “Of course we have also LED solutions for flood lights – in use for example already in the stadium of the FC Chelsea in London”, so Karner. “This brings much better light in the stadium, allowing in particular better television.”

No question that assures Muth for the Allianz Arena: “LED is used any time soon in the flood-lit area with us.”

Pressing a button started yesterday night then against 21:30 with the big light demo – actually would take over Frank Ribéry should. However he was prevented, because the offspring was not fit at home.