Lipstick Rose of Famous: Photos, Colors, Tips, Celebrities

The lipsticks are a favorite part of makeup for many women and offer several options, catering to all tastes. From the tone nude even the most daring, like blue or black, is an item that almost every woman has at least one. Among the favorites are pink lipstick, which usually has a tendency to each station. So check out all about this lipstick shade and how to use it the best way possible.

Pink Shades Lipstick

As in all shades, pink lipstick has different nuances that give rise to different visual. Although there is no charge, some tones combine better with certain skin tones than others. So, know the different options lipstick pink tone.

* Pale pink

The famous Snob, Mac, is the most famous pale pink lipstick and made ​​more successful today. This type of lipstick is characterized by a clear and present a very white background tint. The result is a very delicate lipstick and which is usually well on blondes or who has the equally pale skin. Tan, black and people with yellowish skin tone tend to have a very contrasting results.

* Rosa nude

But the pink nude lipstick is that it seems that you are not lipstick and her mouth is naturally pink. Nude, however, is not a color, but rather a concept so the pink nude lipstick that works for one person may not work for another. Generally, however, this lipstick tone has a brown tone to resemble the skin tone.

* Light pink

Clear and pale pink rose is not the same as the light pink has a lighter tone and delicate, but without the white background so present. The clear pink version even can be more intense and more striking, as is the case Pink Nouveau also the Mac .

* Pink with orange background

But the pink with orange or also known as coral pink background is the kind of lipstick, depending on the light, looks more pink or more orange. It suits all skin tones, especially black or tan. This is the case Lipstick Cherry Berê, the one who said, Berenice?

* Neon pink

Who wishes to draw attention to choose the pink neon tone, which brings enough impact to the mouth. This tone is quite vibrant and has an intense color pink. It is good for all skin tones, but it takes character to hold the look. The pink velvet, the limecrime, is an option.

* Mauve rosa

Since the lipstick that has a mauve tone is one that approaches the natural tone of the gums, for example. The result is a naturally colored mouth and combining with absolutely all skin tones. As an example there is Malva Intense, Avon.

* Red rose

Who wants more sensuality or do not want to escape much of the classic red should choose pink lipstick with red background. This shade of lipstick is more intense and more closed, bringing greater sobriety to look and that suits all skin tones. The Cherry, the Natura Faces, is an example.

* Bluish rosa

Recent trend, the blue rose is a lipstick that has a touch of purple and impacts wherever he goes. It can be used for any skin tone, but who have lighter skin should take care of the contrast can be high. This is the case of the acclaimed Flat Out Fabulous, the Mac.

Use pink lipstick, however, you need attention to create a beautiful and harmonious look. Thus, if the lipstick is a very dark or flashy pink prefer a more neutral look that can still be strong. This is the case, for example, the crushing combination eye black smoky with pink lipstick.

Ever want a more colorful look in the eye opt for a more classic version, such as pale pink, light or mauve.

In addition, the pink lipstick does not require you to use shadow pink and even indicated that you do not. Try to make combinations with neutral shades such as champagne, brown or black or with complementary colors such as green, blue water or even an eye glitter.

Thus, knowing the different types and knowing how to use pink lipstick you have everything to create a look that goes from the most delicate to the most daring and intense. Select the tone that has more to do with your skin, your style and your personality and between this trend.