Lipstick Tips in Multiple Tones and Colors

Some say pink is the most feminine color that exists. But in fashion, the red certainly is a color associated with the female universe. Is there any great woman film without using red on a passion scene? No! Even when men seek to dress women wear red in some part. For these and other a red lipstick cannot miss the makeup case of a woman.

Red lipstick looks good on all, without exception, so it can invest in buy several, in its many variations. Skin brunette, black, white, Asian, day or night, no error: red lipstick is an enhancement of democratic make-up and does not leave anyone out. And to be elegant and sensual, no hype, just know how to use.

Red Lipstick Asks a Light Shade

Combine shadow and lipstick in the same color is an old trend, and was in the past. Fashion is now cherish only one of the two, so no fight for attention in the make up. Use clear shadows, lipstick can be flashy and dark. The reverse is also true, and works very well. Dark shadow with light lipstick or lipstick nude is beautiful and elegant, unobtrusive, and you are ready even to go to a wedding.

That said, with the red lipstick combines best? With light shadows and do not fight for attention with his mouth. Completely forget the red lipstick combination with red shadow: it is inelegant and indiscreet it was even 50 years ago. But red lipstick blends well with neutral metallic shades such as gold, silver, graphite. Avoid red lipstick with neon shadow or 3D: too exaggerated visual.

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Red Lipstick Colors

The new makeup still may think that red is all the same: it is not. There are nuances, tone variations that can both enhance and detonate a makeup for the day or for the night.

Tomato – more intense color and leaves and red lips, but not both. It is a nuance between red passion and wine, so it is considered a lipstick for the night.

Wine – is fashionable and younger mouths are using. Do not be afraid, even the ladies with mai 50 adore this color that was fashionable in his young decade. It is a traditional, retro and modern lipstick, so it’s an investment tip for makeup case.

Orange – this red lipstick color variant walks making the rounds, as could renew such an old shade (some say that Cleopatra wore red lipstick) and fell in grace of fashionistas. It is fashionable and has several brands producing.

Cherry – youthful and elegant color, great for the day but that conquers even the mouth of bridal makeup. It combines both with darker skins as clarinhas, giving a great emphasis on who has the yellow skin or orange. It gets better with lipstick to offer a creamy finish.

Red Lipstick Marks to Invest

  • Duda Molinos- from the Brazilian professional makeup artist launched its same name makeup line, the beauty market has everything to gain.
  • MAC- the North American devastates in durable products, quality and variety of tones. Especially the line Lady Gaga, with one of the liveliest red tones MAC line, under advice from the singer herself.
  • Archy- the cheap lipsticks, is your best option because they are durable and creamy. Not the best, but worth the investment by the low price for use on a daily basis. Combine with gloss to your mouth gets bulkier and prevent chapped lips.
  • Natura- Natura makeup line is poor in color, but good quality. There are two shades of red in its basic collection, all with good hydration and excellent durability. Prices are still inviting, so it is worth investing.
  • Perfect Color Lipstick Butterfly Dreams- the value of the brand lipsticks is a middle ground between expensive and the median, so is the list of some women desires. Hard on the mouth, his red tones are differentiated and is, in general, a line of top makeup, so it costs an average of R $ 60.