Little Black Dress Fashion

Because there is never too much, or not enough dressed with a little black dress.

Democratized by Gabrielle Chanel in the early 1900s, the little black dress continues to be one of those famous highlights of the women’s locker room. But why such a fascination?

The little black dress, an object of timeless desire

“It never is never too much or not enough dressed with a black dress” Karl Lagerfeld said about her. And for cause, they are pulpy or filiform, addicted to fashion or impervious to trends, the little black dress is always feeling.

It is also an iconic dress that mythical actresses have been in an unforgettable film sequences. We think of Audrey Hepburn in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Blake Edwards, with of a little black dress chosen by Hubert de Givenchy or what was Catherine Deneuve in ‘Belle of day’ film of Louis Bunel, signed Yves Saint Laurent.

The little black dress, a basic reinvented

Classified in the pantheon of the cult of fashion pieces, the little black dress continues to inspire designers and brands in any kind. Three holes or bustiers, long or short, lace, silk or wool jersey, it comes according to the seasons and desires. Designated by Localbusinessexplorer as evening dress with short sleeves, it fits also into the locker room day, sometimes boosted sneakers and a leather jacket, sometimes quieted babies and a long coat. A true Chameleon.