Look Instantly Younger: Makeup Tricks with WOW Effect

Clearly, with color you can conjure up really. We know that stars and top models unvarnished usually also completely unspectacular look, since more and more magazines show the celebs even without makeup.

And of course can loose a couple of years away cheat and make sure that we-fresh or seductive look depending on the colour and occasion-a clever make-up.

Today I wanted to even show you how professional make-up tricks make for a real young kick and make every woman the quick-change

Here is a photo of the unvarnished models first, so you better recognize the effect of makeup colors then applied can ūüėČ

Soft Tones With Young Effect

With a pale complexion, which easily tired and older makes, primer and Rouge wonders, because they conceal pallor and wrinkles away cheat.

Firming primer, which optically bolsters up and smooths the complexion more even look like is ideal. Make-up artists apply it with a slightly moistened Schminkpad and massage in well them, so that she correctly merges with the skin. Effect: smoothes and makes the complexion even.

When Rouge I use personally on the shade of Brown-Ros√©, because he has a great “Sonnengek√ľsst” effect.¬†Will take on a Rouge brush and blot dry before applying shortly the result, so beautiful of course. Then in the middle of the cheek bone dust and outside blur.¬†Even on the mobile eyelid and blur to the eyebrows.¬†That reinforced the holiday look.

I Do Like Blue Tones

At acts a small splash of color with makeup wonders.¬†This is especially true of eye shadows in soft Turquoise.¬†With dark hair and a slightly tinted complexion can be applied more quietly a little more “throttle” and the color.¬†A touch of color fits better into a bright hair color (blond and Bachelor or grey with very much whiteness).¬†The eyeshadow is painted with a sponge applicator on the movable lid.Then, it emphasizes the lower eyelid with the same color.

Brush a hint of silvery-white eye shadow as a highlighter under the brow arch. Important for this look: carefully apply mascara to the eyelashes. Everything together makes real jets eyes and opens the view. Gloss is especially nice to do this in a different color of sea Рand coral.

Red Lips To Fall In Love

The mix of wellproportioned complexion, soft brown eyeliner and cherry-red lips is indescribably female and rejuvenated look. After applying primer and powder,.

is with an eyeliner draw a precise line on the upper eyelid (from the inner to the outer corner of the eye) with a slight upward turn at the end and apply mascara to the eyelashes Brown.

Then it goes to the catcher, the bright red lips. Of course, it is important that matches the shade of red to the complexion.Therefore, it makes sense to brush the color (good perfumeries offer the free makeup try service) on the lips when buying lipstick. Before applying, you first follow the lip contour with a matching pencil. This prevents that settles the color in the wrinkles around the mouth.

Then with a lip brush the lips carefully coloring pages.

Pro Tip: Skin and lips makeup with silk powder primed. So keeping the color longer.

Flirt Tip Sexy Eyes

Shimmer brown tones and black visually enlarge the eyes and make her rendezvous particularly expressive – the perfect makeup look for it!

Pull an eyeliner on the top eyelid with dark brown eye liner. Give Brown gloss eye shadow on the movable lid. Blur upwards. Then apply the same eye shadow below the lower Eyelash rim. Also, with the dark brown Kohl emphasize the inner lash. Apply mascara to Eyelash twice black. This fits best a softer lipstick in nude-Rosé.

So, now I’m curious about which look best you liked.¬†I’d be happy anyway with feedback!

But all the color we must remember of course, what she said already Marilyn Monroe:

“A smile is the most beautiful makeup that can carry a woman”.