Lost Hits Record on Torrent Sites

Although the final episode of the series Lost has divided the opinions of their fans, the closure of Jack’s adventures, Kate, Hurley and Locke on the mysterious island hit all file transfer record on torrent web.

According to information from the site TorrentFreak, in its first 20 hours on the net about 900,000 sailors had downloaded the double episode, and at times “more than 100 thousand users were sharing the same torrent file simultaneously”, which until as is known, is a record on the internet.

As might be expected, the vast majority of downloads were originated outside the US, “although broadcasters from 59 countries ensure that exhibit the episode with 24h and 48h of difference with the US,” recalls the page.

Estimates suggest that the end of Lost is to be lowered to 6 million times by the end of the week, while its other chapters recorded an average of 1.5 million downloads per week. Just to compare, 13.5 million viewers watched the series finale on American TV, a number that the Wall Street Journal calls “modest”.