Lte Collective Action Is Finished: Surf In The Fast Lane For Only 12.95 Euros Per Month!

You are satisfied that your phone pwned sleepy through the Internet and want to see finally stutter-free YouTube videos? Because the new tariff by COMPUTER BILD and globe helps: brings your Smartphone to glow! With LTE high-speed in the future, browse the net for fabulously cheap 12,95 euro per month.

Your new LTE tariff: monthly cancellable

Must not two years bind themselves in the exclusive edition LTE S in contrast to many other rates, but can terminate at the end of the month with 30-day period. A monthly flat rate for calls inside the tariff developed exclusively by COMPUTER image requests also in all german networks.

The LTE-S tariff in detail

Use other SIM cards

If you want to use your phone number to another phone (as a car phone), you can buy more SIM cards (multimedia card) for one-time 4.95 and 2.95 euros monthly fee. Maximum of two multi cards per number available.

Exclusive COMPUTER image-LTE-tariff now secure

So get your collective

Overview: Exclusive COMPUTER image-LTE-S tariff

Provider globe tariff COMPUTER image edition LTE S network O2 calls flat rate (in all german mobile phone networks
and in the german fixed network) SMS 9 cents per SMS internet flat rate yes, 1 gigabyte per month, including speed up to 1 GB per month up to 21.6 mbps,
1 GB per month of 64 kbps monthly fee 12.95 euros (remains also after extra-time) connection fee (once only) shipping fee (one-off) 4.95 euro minimum period 1 month period of notice of 30 days to the end of the month multi card option – maximum two more SIM cards (multimedia card) on the same number possible
– unique booking within the framework of the 4.95 euro 2.95 euro per SIM card fee per month per card.