MAC Makeup Review: Product Lanches

The North American imported makeup brand is now one of the darlings of the girls. Why? Because the MAC makeup is used by famous it has indisputable quality and when it launches products, launches a few colors, but rocks! It is one of the most expensive, true, but some say that it is worth investing in quality products to keep the case of updated makeup and style, since the colors are even different.

MAC Makeup Products

  • Lipsticks– are the strongest brand items. For the lips, the brand has nine collections, formed by lipstick stick and lip gloss. The most famous line is the Viva Glam up with pop singer Lady Gaga, one of the darlings of the moment. The launch is Ri, with four classic colors to cover all skin tones.
  • Shadows– the brand with two kinds of articles to color eyes: shade and pigment. Traditional shade, a color for little pot, and the shadow pigment, known for its strong and lasting effect. Some say that no one does a pigmented shade as the MAC, so a good part of the Brazilian makeup artists are fans of the brand. There are also mineral shadows.

  • Eyeliner– there are two lines: the common adn d’agua proof, the most powerful line. Pigments are dark, so it does not take more than a strong dashed to the eyes get marked with style and very vibrant. There are those who adore the traditional model, in pencil, not models stick because the tip does not break easily and do not delay to do it again.
  • Base – the brand works only with free base oils, i.e., oil free, which leaves the skin with dirty look when the face starts to produce the natural fat from the skin. There is the traditional model, powder with estejo with mirror, or the base stick and liquid, the most popular at the moment because it is easier to spread.
  • Blush– unfortunately, those who enjoy colored blush makeup tricks will have to stick with the basics of the brand, which encompasses almost all skin tones, but really not all. The product comes with its own carrying case that needs to be purchased only once. The rest is only purchase the refill and add.
  • Liner for Lips– product to follow lipstick and leave traces of outstanding mouth or around only. It also helps in makeup tricks, such as leaving the labia majora, thicker and thinner. It is always a product to have at home for those who enjoy investing in a stuffed makeup case. The models are selling stick, retractable type, and traditional pencil, with the colors of the brand lipsticks.
  • Cosmetic Removers – apply makeup is as important as removing the face of the product, so the brand has good cosmetic removers. There are for those who use makeup with prolonged effect, tougher to remove.
  • Brushes for Makeup– who has a good makeup, you need a brush to use the product, is not it? So the brushes of the brand are widely indicated. They are all made ​​of animal hair, ie they are not synthetic, and decrease the chances of allergy. They last longer too.

MAC Makeup Price

Some say that the products are more expensive than a full makeup case. Depending on what the brand, it is. A simple eyeliner MAC can go for $ 60, while their lipsticks are in the range of R $ 70. A base does not cost less than R $ 100.

Why so expensive? Because it is an imported product and also famous. Too much of a beauty product brand is supported by its advertising, and the MAC would be no different. The brand has a strong advertising market and that its products become famous and ever higher prices.

Buy MAC Makeup Worth It?

Being expensive, it is an investment to think about. With the value of a lipstick Mac gives to take six other unknown brand. But the makeup artists report that durable and with the same pigmentation, has no equal, so the reputation of the product goes on the market growing. For those who need a professional finish, investing in brand worth. But the high cost if you barely wear makeup, better think is worth it to invest in both items of little use.

Where to Buy MAC Makeup in Brazil?

The MAC launched stores in Brazil with selling their products only in 2013. Until this year, only in rare sites and asking a friend from abroad to buy the product. Today we have some shops and most promising to hit the market, so buying MAC makeup in Brazil just got easier.