MAG-lite LED Flashlights

Maglite is a company that manufactures professional flashlights, with a catalog of many models.

All the LED flashlights Maglite are constructed of anodized aluminium, internally and externally, aerospace type.

This production process increases resistance to corrosion. Thanks to the use of o-rings, rubber rings moisture, Maglite flashlights are waterproof.

The main feature of the Maglite torch is the light beam adjustment through the external thread, which permits to light or widely more objects on an area of some length, or focus the light on a specific goal post at greater distance.

To enable a safer over time, Maglite flashlight replacement bulb provides each, located in Cap. In the case of LED flashlights, the replacement lamp is a normal, says Wholesaleably.

The graft of the LED light and that standards are the same, then you can exchange with each other if necessary, being able to turn a mag-lite flashlight LED in a traditional and vice versa.

Of course LED flashlight models have a range which is double compared to a classical flashlight and have an intensity of light output that is whiter.