Magnetic Cover for iPad

Fans love to play with the Apple toy. Considered by many rightly the best tablet on the market, with each new update, Apple shows excellent innovations to its already established device. Besides the innovations, of course, a series of accessories is launched for the most fanatical fans and for those who seek some practicality in the use of the device.

IPad Accessories

As with the iPod, iPhone and also with the iPad, the number of accessories for Apple gadgets is quite large. Outsourced companies want to take more advantage of the large number of iPad sales, and get some customers to buy their products. One of these accessories is the protective magnetic cover, which attaches to magnets on the side of the iPad, and is foldable.

Magnetic Cover for iPad

Smart Cover for iPad 2

The cover lets you keep the iPad 2 in several interesting positions for work or play, making it easy to use iPad 2 for typing or movie viewing. In addition, the screen protection is guaranteed when it is necessary to carry the iPad in a bag or backpack. It is worth remembering that the hood for iPad 2 has no protection for the back of the tablet, which can still be scratched without a suitable protective cover.

In the video below made skin team site SlashGear, you can see the magnetic hood in operation and also a comparative that shows how much the iPad 2 is thinner than the iPad.

My opinion about the iPad

I really enjoyed the experiences I had with the original iPad. With Smart Cover, Apple has been able to provide more ergonomics to the use of your device, which also makes it more useful for prolonged use, and in different positions, without tiring the neck or hands. I still think that this iPad sleeve is quite expensive, and it could fold at other points, to make the iPad screen stand up. But that’s my opinion.

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