Make a Wallet from a Beverage Box

You Need

Beverage box (1 liter)




Wide double adhesive tape (5 cm)

Cutting knife

Carton piece as cutting edge

Cutting mat

Ruler of metal


A wallet made of recycled beverage cartons is made quickly and is also practical. But how do you actually make such a Geldbörse from the favorite juice packaging? Regina from the shop Regina-Lustig shows it to you.

Make The Hose

Cut the bottom of the crate with a cutter. Then tear open the top and cut with the cutter below the spout so that a “hose” is left. Tip: A professional cutting mat is very practical, because the ground does not slip and the work goes more quickly by hand.

Fold The Sides

Now fold the two sides outwards and fold the edge with the fingernail strong. Fold the two sides 2 times again and fold the “accordion” again.

Cut The Slot

Using the cutter and the ruler, cut a 5 mm wide slot at 1/3 of the total length with 2 cuts. Caution: The rear of the packaging must not be damaged in any way. It forms at the end the closure flap of the exchange. Now cut the trimmed part with the scissors on both sides to almost the edge of the back.

Fold And Open

Fold the packaging together with the slot that has now been created. Then cut the edge of the opening with the cutter. The folded sides can be cut smoothly, but the rear of the packaging must not be injured! Now cut the cut with the cutter on both sides for the closure flap and cut the previously cut parts up to the edge of the closure flap with the scissors.

Stick Together

Glue the stock exchange with double adhesive tape. Tip: Cut the double adhesive tape better with the cutter. The scissors otherwise stick very quickly and must be cleaned with solvent. With the cutter it goes without gluing! Now cut the corners of the closure flap.

Velcro Fastening

Finally, attach a piece of velcro fastened to the outer edge of the flap, peel off the protective film and close the purse. The wallet is finished out of a drink box, which may even smell even after Maracujasaft! This is pure up cycling